AF personnel news delivered via email

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  • By Gloria Kwizera
  • Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs
For accurate, up to date news on Air Force personnel programs such as force management, retirements, education and development opportunities, special duty assignments, civilian careers and more, look to the Air Force Personnel Center public web, social media and news service.

Whether browsing news articles online or chatting with friends and coworkers, Airmen are bombarded by thousands of messages daily and determining the official source can be a challenge.

AFPC's news service delivers personnel news directly to an email account when personnel programs are approved for implementation. To get the news delivered via email, Airmen and families need to sign up online.

All Air Force personnel news can be accessed on the Air Force Personnel Center public website, In addition, AFPC has a public Facebook and Twitter page where news and information are posted.

The personnel news posted on the public web or delivered by email is general news on guidance and program overviews, and links Airmen to more specific guidance located on myPers. 

To subscribe to AFPC news service, follow these steps:

· Go to

· On the right hand side under "Subscribe to AF Personnel Center News" enter your email and click "Go"

· Confirm your email address

· Choose how you want updates delivered to you (i.e., immediately, daily, or weekly)

· Set up a password to protect your subscription preferences (optional)

Follow AFPC news on Facebook at "Air Force Life and Careers" or Twitter at "AFCareers"

Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve members can also check the ANG, Air Force Reserve Command and Air Reserve Personnel Center website at for information relative to their respective personnel programs.

"Our goal is to release timely personnel information, once there is an approved policy or program established," said Paige Hughes, the AFPC chief of public affairs. "Air Force personnel news is an official source of information and news, and doesn't cost anything."

For more information about personnel issues, visit the myPers website.