CMSAF Cody: ‘Somebody out there operating is saving somebody’s life’

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Adawn Kelsey
  • 432nd Wing/432nd Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs
Airmen from the 432nd Wing and 799th Air Base Group here highlighted their unit's missions to Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James A. Cody and his wife, retired Chief Master Sgt. Athena Cody, during their visit here, July 15-16.

The fully packed itinerary included several stops to work centers as well as an Airman's Call, where Cody shared some of the latest Air Force challenges.

"We're operating in a dynamic environment with a lot of uncertainty," Cody said. "You can imagine how our Air Force, our military, is working through that. We have to think differently, and for that to happen we need your help.

"There is a tremendous amount of opportunity here,” he continued. “We have to think about where we could invent things where we haven't before. Just because we don't have the money doesn't mean there isn't a better way to do something for the same amount of money, or less money. The best ideas are going to come from you. This is your Air Force and we need your help shaping it for the future."

Cody also observed the operations tempo of Creech Air Force Base personnel. Every day, crews fulfill their mission by providing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, maintenance, base support and defense, and other capabilities in support of combatant commanders around the globe.

"When you think about the MQ-1 (Predator) and the MQ-9 (Reaper) and the demand signal that exists from our combatant commanders for ISR specifically, the 432nd Wing supports those needs," Cody said. "There is no question that (this) is a well sought-after, well-respected community. (Remotely-piloted aircraft) have been a game changer."

Cody also noted there is no doubt that the mission and capabilities Creech Airmen provide are important to the Air Force and the nation.

"It's always important that we tell this story to our American people and our elected officials, so they fully appreciate the value of it,” Cody said. “There are countless examples of how (RPAs) have saved people's lives. There are so many opportunities for these capabilities to be used in positive ways."

Cody said he was impressed by the hard work and dedication of all Airmen on base and the difference they make each day around the world.

"(Creech is the RPA) hub for our Air Force, so that makes it pretty unique when you think about it," Cody said. "Also, you have active duty, guard, reserve units, and our civilian Airmen all accomplishing this mission here."

Airmen are dedicated to achieving mission success 24/7 year-round, which is no easy task with continuous shift work and challenges. From Cody's perspective, however, morale and motivation are inherent to the daily tasks at Creech AFB.

"On any given day, somebody out there operating is saving somebody's life or giving us the key critical information we need to be successful in the mission," Cody said. "I think that's what keeps you motivated; that's what motivates Airmen to want to do what we do."

As Cody wrapped up his two-day visit, he expressed thanks to the 432nd Wing and 799th ABG for inviting him to learn more about what they do each day.

"I would just like to say, for both Athena and I, we appreciate the opportunity to come out and spend a little bit of time with the folks out here at Creech - with our Airmen and their families - and look them in the eyes and just say 'thanks' for doing what you're doing," Cody said. "You are making a difference around the world every day for a lot of people, not just the American people, but for our partners as well. So keep doing what you are doing, as well as you're doing it."