Warrior Games Profile - Christopher Aguilera

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(Editor's Note: From September 28 to October 4, more than 40 athletes representing the Air Force will be in Colorado Springs competing in the 2014 Warrior Games. This is a profile of one of those athletes, providing a behind-the-scenes look at who they are and the sport they represent. Note: Some profile information in the graphics may be outdated due to recent birthdays or events. The most current player information is below.)


Name: Master Sgt. Christopher Aguilera

Team: Invictus and Warrior Games
Sports: Wheelchair Basketball, Sitting Volleyball, Track and Field, Cycling, Powerlifting DOB: 01 Jun 1974
Birthplace: El Paso, TX
Hometown: El Paso, TX
Current Residence: San Antonio, TX
Injury: PTSD, TBI, Below Knee Amputation

Personal Profile:

MSgt Chris Aguilera entered the Air Force on 7 June 1993. After basic and technical training, he was assigned to 436rd Special Purpose and Equipment in Dover AFB, Delaware, and went on to various assignments to Osan, California, Spain, and Japan. During a 2008 deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom, he applied and was accepted for retraining as an Aerial Gunner. He was assigned to the 66th rescue Squadron at Nellis AFB, Nevada where he has flown numerous combat missions for Operation Enduring Freedom.

On 9 June 2010 he was a crew member on Pedro 66, a HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter, which scrambled to evacuate a Marine in critical condition. After providing combat support, MSgt Aguilera's helicopter took massive damage to its tail rotor from enemy fire. Pedro 66 impacted the earth at 120 knots from over 150 feet. MSgt Aguilera was critically injured in the crash and was one of only two survivors of the incident. Pedro 66 lived true to their motto: "These things we do so that others may live."

Recently, MSgt Aguilera was able to redeploy to Djibouti, Africa after regaining his flying and combat mission capable status and stood up the first HH-60 USAF Combat Search and Rescue assets in history (303rd Combat Rescue) in AFRICOM. After returning from his deployment, the doctors identified deterioration and infection of his left leg. This led to an amputation on the 27 June 2013.

Personal/Professional Achievements:

Bronze Star Recipient
Purple Heart Recipient
2014 Invictus Games Silver Medalist – Wheelchair basketball