Air Force selects 759 support squadron commander candidates

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More than 750 officers from 13 career fields were selected by development teams as 2015 support, logistics and materiel leader commander candidates, Air Force Personnel Center officials announced Sept. 25.

"This is a highly competitive selection process," said Joseph Marchino, AFPC assignment officer. "Development teams carefully reviewed all aspects of officers' records, duty history, demonstrated leadership ability, professional development and permanent change of station eligibility in identifying the most qualified candidates available for command."

For more specific career field requirements, officers should refer to the appropriate career field page on the myPers website at

"Selected candidates have demonstrated traits essential for leading Airman to day-to-day operational success," Marchino said. "Additionally, squadron commanders are the best positioned to recognize and develop the talents and skills of their personnel for future leadership opportunities."

Wing hiring officials, major command functional managers and AFPC assignment teams will use the candidate list to fill projected 2015 squadron commander vacancies, with those selection results tentatively planned for release in December.

"It is important to note that not all officers on the candidate lists will get command assignments," Marchino said. "Development teams typically select more qualified officers than projected vacancies to account for a variety of unprojected events which occur throughout the year."

Candidates not selected for command will remain on this list, unless removed for one of a variety of reasons, such as being selected for another assignment opportunity, until superseded by next year's results.

Candidate lists have been posted on the myPers website. To see the list and learn more about command opportunities and other personnel issues, visit Select "search all components" from the drop down menu and enter "Squadron Command" in the search window to locate the command match list

(Courtesy Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs)