AF adjusts enlisted retention results

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Air Force officials announced an adjustment to the Junior Enlisted Retention Board which convened in June at the Air Force Personnel Center.


Fifty Airmen who were not selected for retention during the FY14 force management ERB were offered the opportunity to remain on active duty following identification of an issue in the eligibility of Airmen meeting the board.


Upon receipt of an inquiry by an Airman, a review conducted by Air Force officials resulted in identification of a coding issue used in determining the eligibility of Airmen meeting the ERB. As a result, 36 Airmen who should have met the ERB did not and were not considered for separation.


To rectify the situation, Air Force officials looked at all cases where other Airmen may have been impacted and found a total of 50 Airmen who could have been affected during the ERB.


“We contacted the 50 Airmen and their senior raters to offer them the opportunity to remain on active duty,” said Brig. Gen. Brian Kelly, director of military force management policy. “In addition, the 36 Airmen who were eligible for and should have met the board will not be affected.”


The Air Force examined all other eligibility lists for the FY14 boards to ensure the coding was accurate and ensured safeguards are in place for future boards.


“We thoroughly review all instances in which Airmen report concerns regarding personnel programs and where there are issues, as an institution, we seek the most responsible and just course of action to make things right for our Airmen,” said Lt. Gen. Sam Cox, deputy chief of staff for manpower, personnel and services.


This was not the result of board processes so the Airmen selected for retention are still retained and the 36 Airmen excluded will not be subject to the FY14 Junior Enlisted Retention Board.


“Obviously anytime we are dealing with personal matters or boards that directly affect Airmen and families, we do so with extreme caution and care,” General Cox said. “I can tell you that your Airmen at the Air Force Personnel Center have handled more than 170,000 Airmen’s records during these programs and have operated on a very compressed timeline that allowed us to meet both our mission and budgetary requirements.”


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