Pentagon holds 4th Annual Pentagon Sitting Volleyball Tournament

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Lesley Waters
  • Air Force Public Affairs Agency, Operating Location – P
Fifty-two active-duty and veteran athletes from each of the military services and the U.S. Special Operations Command participated in the 4th Annual Pentagon Sitting Volleyball Tournament Nov. 20 at the Pentagon Athletic Club.

The one-day tournament, in conjunction with Warrior Care Month, is designed to increase awareness of programs and resources available to wounded, ill and injured service members, their families and those who care for them.

“When recovering service members take the opportunity to focus on their abilities and strengths during the often lengthy road to recovery the results shown are nothing short of miracles,” said Steve Otero, the Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2) Program communications coordinator.
This year’s theme, “Show of Strength,” was chosen to showcase the wounded warriors and their strengths as they reintegrate back to duty or transition into the civilian sector.

Participants in the tournament included 12 current and retired Airmen who are part of the AFW2 program. The program’s mission is to motivate, encourage and sustain participation and competition through adaptive sports.

An Air Force wounded warrior is any seriously or very seriously wounded, ill or injured Airman identified on a casualty report, or recommended by the medical community, as having highly complex medical conditions identified by the medical community. Also included are Airmen who have been referred to the Integrated Disability Evaluation System for post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and/or other mental health conditions, or who have been retained for more than six months on medical Title 10 orders, or returned to Title 10 orders, for medical conditions related to deployment.

The Air Force wounded warriors recently participated in the 2014 Warrior Games in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The 40-person team won 48 medals (16 gold, 16 silver and 16 bronze), as well as the Ultimate Champion Award for the second year in a row.

“Military adaptive sports are just one of the unique rehabilitation programs within the wounded warrior program,” Otero said. “Mentorship, caregiver, career and family programs are all a part of the personalized services available to Airmen participants.”

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