Air Force announces OTS non-rated selection board results

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A total of 495 men and women from across America have earned an opportunity to become Air Force leaders following their selection for an officer's commission, officials announced Nov. 24.

Air Force Recruiting Service officials considered 495 applications as part of the Officer Training School non-rated selection board 14OT04. With the board's selection rate of 32.53 percent, 161 applicants were selected to serve as officers. Of the 161 selected, 100 enlisted members earned the chance to attend OTS and trade their stripes for gold bars as second lieutenants.

As part of the selection process, board members review both objective and subjective factors.

Objectively, the board considers each applicant's academic discipline, grade point average and Air Force Officer Qualifying Test scores.

Subjectively, board members evaluate work experience, accomplishments, adaptability, character, leadership ability, potential for future growth and other recommendations. For active-duty enlisted members, performance reports and commanders' recommendations are also evaluated.

Three Air Force colonels review every application. The selection process is similar to an Air Force officer promotion board. No single factor leads to an individual's selection or non-selection, according to OTS selection officials.

Candidates selected can expect to attend basic officer training at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, in 2015.

For more information concerning OTS and the application process, active-duty members should visit the basic officer training website on the Air Force Portal; civilians should contact the nearest Air Force recruiter.

Active-duty selectees:
Senior Airman Johnathan Gutierrez
Senior Airman William Harris
Senior Airman Jonathan Huffman
Senior Airman Ronald Miller
Senior Airman James Paterick
Senior Airman Dwight Patterson
Senior Airman Thomas Reichert
Senior Airman Noah Rivers
Senior Airman Aaron Salazar
Senior Airman Eugenio Vives Alvarez
Senior Airman Scott Wolfmeyer
Staff Sgt. Matthew Amato
Staff Sgt. Joel Arnett
Staff Sgt. Daniel Banaszynski
Staff Sgt. Shawn Caporale
Staff Sgt. Brian Caskie
Staff Sgt. Kaily Collins
Staff Sgt. David Diaz Iraheta
Staff Sgt. Johnathon Edgerton
Staff Sgt. Cody Engelke
Staff Sgt. Thomas Fohl
Staff Sgt. Brandon Gilliland
Staff Sgt. Travis Hunt
Staff Sgt. Joseph Hymel
Staff Sgt. Joseph Karabelski
Staff Sgt. Jamecia Lazard
Staff Sgt. Vincent Lee
Staff Sgt. Rachel Markham
Staff Sgt. Armondo Mercado
Staff Sgt. David Ollivant
Staff Sgt. Lawrence Rajab
Staff Sgt. Matthew Ranucci
Staff Sgt. Jose Rosario
Staff Sgt. Nicholas Ruiz
Staff Sgt. Anthony Sanford
Staff Sgt. Christopher Shrader
Staff Sgt. Matthew Simpson
Staff Sgt. Justin Smith
Staff Sgt. Pierre Sutton Jr.
Staff Sgt. Jason Waddy
Staff Sgt. Tony Wagner
Staff Sgt. Christopher Walker
Staff Sgt. Joseph Watts
Staff Sgt. Michael Wilson
Staff Sgt. Matthew Wiltgen
Tech. Sgt. Nikolai Adderley
Tech. Sgt. Michael Atkins
Tech. Sgt. Esteban Bedoya Hernandez
Tech. Sgt. Marshall Black
Tech. Sgt. Matthew Bruce
Tech. Sgt. Bryan Byrd
Tech. Sgt. Christina Camp
Tech. Sgt. Shaun Chaplin
Tech. Sgt. Jack Cornelis
Tech. Sgt. Matthew Duncan
Tech. Sgt. Lauren Etter
Tech. Sgt. Jason Guthner
Tech. Sgt. Daniel Hansen
Tech. Sgt. David Hough
Tech. Sgt. Edward Jenkins, II
Tech. Sgt. Raymond Johnson
Tech. Sgt. Nicholas Kaplan
Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Karr
Tech. Sgt. Miranda Kelewood
Tech. Sgt. Alex Lega
Tech. Sgt. Victoria Lopez
Tech. Sgt. James McMaster
Tech. Sgt. Willard Mitchell
Tech. Sgt. Jonathan Montgomery
Tech. Sgt. Steve Muro
Tech. Sgt. Ryan Music
Tech. Sgt. William Naron
Tech. Sgt. Christopher Nichols
Tech. Sgt. James Nolan
Tech. Sgt. Joshua Ort
Tech. Sgt. Antonio Payne
Tech. Sgt. Alexander Perkins
Tech. Sgt. Kathryn Piccola
Tech. Sgt. Jaclyn Pienkowski
Tech. Sgt. Anthony Polizzi
Tech. Sgt. Gary Pongetti
Tech. Sgt. Julie Rhoades
Tech. Sgt. James Selix
Tech. Sgt. Christian Sledge
Tech. Sgt. Michael Southam
Tech. Sgt. Steven St. John
Tech. Sgt. Daniel Strom
Tech. Sgt. Donald Summerhays
Tech. Sgt. Roger Tremblay
Tech. Sgt. Michael Vander Sys
Tech. Sgt. Tommy Voie
Master Sgt. Natalia Cobbins
Master Sgt. Andrew Fraser
Master Sgt. Christopher Gremling
Master Sgt. Justin Hemken
Master Sgt. Alexander Hernandez
Master Sgt. Eric Matzek
Master Sgt. Joel Pelletier
Master Sgt. Jason Quadros
Master Sgt. Lydell Scott

Civilian selectees:
Gregory Anderson
Christopher Arnold
Joel Atienza
Paolo Bingham
Brandon Boggs
Lee Britt
Ryan Bullock
Joshua Burkhart
Joshua Butterworth
Matthew Clark
John Cuellar
Brian Dadson
Albert Depman
Lester Disney
Ongsa Ektanitphong
Jacob Fedors
Justin Fronce
Connor Gates
Dana Gauci
Carlos Gaxiola Neri
Taylor Gruey
Larry Hallock
Zachary Henderson
Jordan Jones
Scott Jonson
Danielle Kelly
Jerrod Kempf
Wei Lee
Jonathan Londono
Hayden Lopez
Neili Maldonado
Yahmuel Marx
Meara McCarthy
Gina McGhee
Michael McGuire
Aasish Nepal
Ikenna Olelewe
Nichole Pallan
Cody Pizzaia
John Pollock
Robert Puccinelli
Elizabeth Quinn
Christopher Ramos
Anthony Rodriguez
Benjamin Roettger
Matthew Schall
Brandon Horton
Armando Mercado
Brian Siegrist
Christopher Sikes
Adam Silver
Daniel Smith
Braxon Tawatao
Billie Taylor
Ashlie Thompson
James Trachier
Joshua Verbeten
Timothy Vitou
Aaron Ware
Thomas Wilhelm
Don Yang

(Information courtesy of Air Force Recruiting Service)