AMC relocates KC-135 simulator

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  • Air Mobility Command Public Affairs
As Air Mobility Command fields the KC-46A Pegasus, displaced KC-135 Stratotanker pilot simulators will be relocated across the Total Force to maximize simulator access across the mobility enterprise.

As a result, AMC, in coordination with the Air National Guard, recently identified four KC-135 pilot flight simulators and one KC-135 Boom Operator Weapons System Trainer to be relocated as a result of the KC-46A allocations to McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas, and Pease Air National Guard Base, New Hampshire.

The first KC-135 pilot flight simulator is scheduled to be relocated from McConnell AFB to Altus AFB, Oklahoma, by April 2015. Following Total Force coordination, decisions on locations of the remaining simulators are expected at a later date.

The KC-46 is the first of a three-phase effort to replace the aging Air Force tanker fleets.

"Bringing the KC-46A and its supporting training devices online is a critical step in recapitalizing the tanker fleet and maintaining the nation's global reach capabilities for years to come," said Major Gen. Michael S. Stough, the director of Strategic Plans, Requirements and Programs at Headquarters AMC. "However, the KC-135 will remain the backbone of the tanker fleet throughout this transition.

"When choosing the new locations of the KC-135 simulator, our goal is to select locations that best support training for the Total Force," Stough said. "It takes every member of our diverse team of mobility Airmen -- Guard, Reserve, and active duty -- to deliver global reach capabilities."

AMC operates 19 KC-135 pilot flight simulators and nine BOWSTs at 13 regional sites worldwide to support 42 KC-135 units.