Development teams to consider officer command positions

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  • By Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs
Development teams from various Air Force specialties will convene between May and August 2015 to consider eligible line and non-line officers for squadron and deputy group commander positions projected for calendar year 2016.

Interested officers can go to the myPers website for schedules and Airmen Development Plan statement of intent (SOI) procedures. Officers must route their SOI (if required) through their senior rater to appropriate Air Force Personnel Center assignment teams by April 17. In addition to functional command opportunities, line officers may also apply for recruiting, student, training or air base squadron command consideration.

While time-on-station and date eligible for return from overseas (DEROS) are not limiting eligibility factors, they should be considered in the nomination and selection process, said Joseph Marchino, from the AFPC line special assignments branch. In general, officers serving continental U.S. or overseas long tours are expected to have two years on station prior to their projected departure date for command or be in an otherwise must-move status, such as developmental education graduates officers with a return from overseas short tour DEROS in 2016.

Officers currently assigned to joint duty positions are eligible, but they must be able to complete at least 24 months of a 36-month joint duty assignment tour, preferably prior to June 1, 2016 but no later than their projected departure date, Marchino said.

Officers with minimal time on station should be nominated for "fly-up" consideration only (i.e., for vacancies at current or already projected duty locations) or for deployed temporary duty command opportunities. Grade criteria vary among the different specialties, so officers are encouraged to visit their respective career field pages on the myPers website.

AFPC will release results of the developmental team panels in late September 2015. Officers selected as command candidates are considered volunteers for worldwide opportunities, including extended deployment command opportunities.

For more information about Air Force personnel programs go to myPers. Individuals who do not have a myPers account can request by clicking here.