SNCOs: Contact AFPC to see if Course 14 completion is noted in records

  • Published
  • By Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs
Senior NCOs recently notified by the Air University Barnes Center for Enlisted Education that their Senior NCO Academy Distance Learning Course 14 Version 6 "failed" exam scores have been corrected may want to review their records to ensure updates are complete.

In late 2013, Air Education and Training Command officials replaced Version 5 of the online course with Version 6. During routine test item analysis in late 2014, AETC identified several test questions that were outside statistical performance parameters. After reviewing course material and related test items, Barnes Center officials eliminated those test questions and gave students credit for the missed questions.

Completion of professional military education courses can impact many aspects of an Airman's career, such as senior rater endorsements on enlisted performance reports, promotion recommendations and decorations. Airmen notified by AETC that they passed the course can go to the secure virtual military personnel flight, accessible via the Portal or myPers, to confirm their records were updated.

Airmen who believe their EPR, decoration or other personnel records were affected can contact the Air Force Personnel Center for assistance.

In addition, Airmen who believe consideration for promotion may have been affected can request supplemental promotion consideration. The next supplemental promotion board is scheduled to convene in July at the Air Force Personnel Center.

For more information or assistance determining if records, promotions, decorations or evaluations were affected by the Course 14 update, go to myPers at and select "Contact Us" on the bottom left side of the page. Individuals who do not have a myPers account can request one at