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In this issue of Airman magazine, you’ll meet Airmen who are assigned to Creech Air Force Base, Nevada, who have a vastly different deployment experience than most others in the Air Force, where they operate from Creech AFB and come home to their families at the end of their shift. They’re responsible for missions happening across the world in Iraq and Afghanistan. This brings a whole new layer of issues these Airmen must overcome to perform their duties.

You’ll also read about how the Air Force is converting F-4 Phantoms into aerial targets to better train the service’s pilots.

In our final story, we traveled to South Carolina, where members of the Wyoming Air National Guard and other Airmen were taking part in Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System training with their U.S. Forest Service counterparts. This annual training exercise is vital in preparing C-130 Hercules crewmembers for the upcoming wildfire season.

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