Air Force announces OTS rated selection board results

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  • Air Force Recruiting Service
A total of 189 men and women from across America were selected for an officer's commission, officials announced Sept. 28.

Air Force Recruiting Service officials considered 272 applications as part of the Officer Training School rated selection board 15OT03. With the board's selection rate of 69.49 percent, 189 applicants were selected to serve as Air Force officers. Forty-five of the 189 selectees were enlisted members and they’ve earned the chance to attend OTS and trade their stripes for gold bars as second lieutenants.

As part of the selection process, board members review both objective and subjective factors.

Objectively, the board considers each applicant's academic discipline, grade point average and Air Force Officer Qualifying Test scores.

Subjectively, board members evaluate work experience, accomplishments, adaptability, character, leadership ability, potential for future growth and other recommendations. For active-duty enlisted members, performance reports and commanders' recommendations are also evaluated.

Three Air Force colonels review every application. The selection process is similar to an Air Force officer promotion board. No single factor leads to an individual's selection or non-selection, according to OTS selection officials.

Candidates selected can expect to attend Total Force Officer Training at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, in 2016.

For more information concerning OTS and the application process, active-duty members should visit the Basic Officer Training page on the Air Force Portal. Civilians interested in the program should contact the nearest Air Force recruiter.

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