SEJPME program completes transition to Joint Staff J-7

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  • Joint Staff Hampton Roads Public Affairs Office
The Joint Staff J-7 Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) Division in Suffolk, Virginia, has assumed responsibility for the Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education (SEJPME) program, capping a year-long transition from the National Defense University.

The Joint Staff J-7, director for Joint Force Development, outlined directives for the SEJPME program in response to the Enlisted Military Education Review Council recommendation to revise the SEJPME program to encompass two stages; one for the E6/E7 community and another for the E8/E9 community.

Effective September 2014, the Joint Staff J-7 JKO Division assumed responsibility from NDU for developing the next generation, two-stage SEJPME program, and took full responsibility for administering the SEJPME program Sept. 1, 2015.

As a phased transition, JKO updated and enhanced the legacy course and began offering it on JKO in May 2015 as a web-based course including 11 modules, comprising more than 40 hours of multi-media, interactive, online instruction. The SEJPME course prepares senior enlisted leaders assigned to joint organizations (or those with orders to joint organizations) to successfully support activities and supervise multiple service members. Upon completion of the course, senior enlisted leaders will be more confident, competent and more fully prepared to: 1) quickly assimilate and effectively contribute in joint assignments, and 2) mentor junior enlisted leaders and other enlisted personnel they may supervise.

Later this month, JKO will begin offering the Next Generation SEJPME as two courses tailored to specific audiences; i.e., a course tailored for E6 and E7s and another for E8 and E9s. The two-stage program will provide a timely learning progression for senior level enlisted, mitigating the learning and time gap between what joint knowledge is needed at the E6-E7 level, and what could be years later needed for an E8-E9 preparation for joint assignment.

SEJPME is the primary source of enlisted joint professional military education. Now on JKO, senior enlisted have 24/7 access to enroll and complete this professional development opportunity on a self-enrolled, self-paced study basis.

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