James named new principal DOD space advisor

  • Published
  • By Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs
On Oct. 5, Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work re-designated the position of the Department of Defense executive agent for space (EA4S) to the principal DOD space advisor (PDSA).

The Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James, formerly the EA4S, will now assume the expanded responsibilities of the PDSA.

“We can no longer consider space a peaceful sanctuary,” James said. “As the PDSA, my priority is to ensure a properly funded strategy that allows for innovation across the DOD space portfolio enabling us to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing environment.”

The change aims to strengthen the leadership of the space enterprise by sharpening authorities and responsibilities, and unifying diffused and competing voices within the department.

“The PDSA will continue to chair the Defense Space Council (DSC), which remains the primary body to coordinate and resolve space issues,” Work said. “However, while the PDSA will deliver DSC recommendations on space issues, the PDSA will also provide independent assessment and recommendations to the deputy’s management action group when the DSC is unable to achieve a consensus.”

The PDSA will oversee all departmental space matters and be the primary space advisor to senior DOD officials, including the secretary and deputy secretary of defense, the OSD principle staff assistants, and the chairman and vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

With the appointment of the PDSA, the department is moving toward a more cohesive and unified space governance model that will ensure our space capabilities continue providing decisive effects that underpin national security.

“To prepare for a conflict which may extend into space, the DOD requires a governance structure that monitors and oversees the performance of the entire DOD space portfolio and provides logical and analytically supported programmatic recommendations to departmental leadership,” Work said.