AF selects 514 for squadron command

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  • Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs
More than 500 officers from various Air Force line and non-line career fields have been selected for logistics, support, materiel leader, air base, training, recruiting, test and medical squadron command.

Using squadron commander candidate lists released in September, wing hiring officials, major command functional managers and Air Force Personnel Center assignment teams matched candidates to projected command positions, said Joseph Marchino, assigned to the AFPC special duty assignments branch. Assignment teams will coordinate reporting dates with gaining and losing units to effect the announced command assignments.

Marchino said not all candidates were matched.

Development teams select more candidates than known requirements to account for unprojected requirements that might occur throughout the year. Non-selected members will remain on the candidate lists and eligible for unprojected command opportunities, as well as other assignment opportunities.

"Being selected for squadron command is the culmination of years of preparation, training and education," Marchino said. "It is a significant milestone for advancing to progressively higher levels of command and responsibility."

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