Lackland spouses’ club diversifies with male president

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Justin Wright
  • 3rd Combat Camera Squadron

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas (AFNS) -- The Lackland Officers’ Spouses’ Club recently elected Caesar Jordan Nafrada as the club’s first male president.

Nafrada initially joined as a way to repay a group that helped him in the past. When he graduated from Kadena High School in Okinawa 20 years ago, Nafrada received aid for college from the local club.

“Years ago as a military dependent, I received an officers’ wives’ club scholarship; it was the only financial aid I received,” he said.

After deciding to join the LOSC last year, Nafrada originally served as the scholarships chairman. He then ran for the president position and was elected, and will serve in this capacity until June 2016.

“There was an opportunity there, to challenge myself to do something I never pictured myself ever doing,” Nafrada said.

With the traditional role of the military spouse adapting over the past few decades, Nafrada’s concern is providing social, community service and support programs for every officer’s spouse on Lackland.

“It is my aim to help modernize the LOSC by becoming more inclusive and diverse in an effort to truly represent a cross-section of Lackland’s officer’s spouses,” he said.

Nafrada loves working with and guiding the club in its programs, activities, as well as welcoming all officer spouses into the club.

“This is not something I’ve really experienced in the past so everything that happens everyday is kind of a new experience to me. It’s fun to sit back, take the challenge on and try to figure out a way to make things happen,” he said.

As a male spouse’s club president, he has surprised some outsiders and even new members who have not yet seen many men in this capacity.

“My first name is Caesar but my friends and family know me by Jordan and I go by that most of the time,” he said. “People often refer to me as ma'am in email traffic, and are surprised when they meet me in person.”

Military spouses have evolved over time as more spouses have advanced degrees, their own businesses and maintain full-time jobs. Nafrada is helping this club embrace such changes.

“If it helps that I’m a male president leading that charge, then that’s all the better,” he said.