CSAF Leadership Library: July 2023

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Military innovation is not a matter of chance but a result of deliberate effort, usually involving visionary leadership. It requires the embodiment of creative thinking, rigorous experimentation, and the audacity to challenge conventional wisdom.Andrew F. Krepinevich Jr.



Our world is rapidly evolving, with emerging technologies and the changing dynamics of warfare becoming ever more critical. As Airmen, we are not bystanders in these developments; instead, we must be the trailblazers, understanding and exploiting these shifts. To equip and empower us on this transformative journey, I am excited to introduce the latest additions to the CSAF Leadership Library that center around disruptive military innovation, artificial intelligence, and the transformative potential of AI.

The Origins of Victory: How Disruptive Military Innovation Determines the Fates of Great Powers by Andrew Krepinevich Jr. delivers an understanding of how technological innovation has determined the victors in conflicts and the reshaping of global power structures. This is not a history lesson; it's a roadmap to our future.

We further delve into the depths of artificial intelligence with the HBR Ideacast podcast, "How Generative AI Changes Everything." This podcast takes the conversation about AI to the next level; it is a call to grasp the game-changing potential of AI and how it can revolutionize our operations.

Drawing from his diplomatic experience, Kevin Rudd assesses Xi Jinping's global, strategic approach and offers thoughts on how the U.S. and China can co-exist and avoid war in the future in C-SPAN: After Words – Kevin Russ, The Avoidable War: The Dangers of a Catastrophic Conflict between the U.S. and Xi Jinping’s China. This analysis provides valuable insights into understanding international relations and formulating the People's Republic of China (PRC) strategy. 

Ukraine serves as a critical case study marking a shift in the character of modern conflict. As seen in The Economist: Babbage – How Drones Are Transforming Warfare In Ukraine, the use of low-cost, mass-produced drones illustrates how airpower is accessible to non-state actors or smaller nations. For Airmen, understanding these new battlefield realities is essential for strategic readiness.

Each of these titles underscores the pivotal role of innovation and technology in shaping our strategic approach, focus areas, and operational concepts. We can't merely be spectators or followers in the face of such change; the future of warfare necessitates that we must be disruptors, innovators and pioneers. This month’s Leadership Library additions were selected to provoke thought, spur debate, and ignite action. We must continue to embrace innovation, ignite transformative change, and shape a future where victory is achieved through our ability to adapt and lead in an ever-evolving world.


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Editor’s note: The CSAF Leadership Library is a fluid set of media selected by Gen. Brown that evolves as novel ideas are published, recorded and debated. New entries will be added periodically throughout the year.




The Origins of Victory
Andrew F. Krepinevich

Special Series: How Generative AI Changes Everything
HBR IdeaCast


The Avoidable War: The Dangers of a Catastrophic Conflict between the US and Xi Jinping's China
Kevin Rudd, C-SPAN After Words


How drones are transforming warfare in Ukraine
Babbage from The Economist