AFIMSC reaches full operating capability

  • Published
  • By Michael Briggs
  • Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center Public Affairs
The unit which consolidated more than 150 Air Force-wide installation and mission support capabilities a year ago has achieved full operating capability.

Maj. Gen. Brad Spacy, the commander of the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center, declared FOC a year after his unit reached initial operating capability in October 2015.

“FOC is the culmination of a lot of hard work this past year by our warfighters at the headquarters, detachments and primary subordinate units,” Spacy said. “We’re delivering global installation and mission support capabilities to the Air Force, and we’re looking forward to taking it to the next level.”

Reaching FOC means AFIMSC is capable of executing its mission in accordance with the program action directive that implemented the unit’s mission. That includes the ability to prioritize requirements, allocate resources, exercise authorities, execute responsibilities, and communicate and collaborate with supported commanders and their commands.

The center’s cross-functional team provides globally integrated program management, resourcing and combat support operations in Airmen and family services, base communications, civil engineering, financial management, installation ministry, logistics readiness, operational contracting and security forces programs.

In short, AFIMSC delivers installation and mission support to customers at 77 installations across the Air Force by executing programs previously accomplished at nine major commands, two direct reporting units and Headquarters Air Force. As one of six centers under Air Force Materiel Command, AFIMSC is part of the broader Agile Combat Support mission that AFMC champions for the Air Force.

The center now moves from its “stand up” phase to the “stabilize” phase of development with a focus on making the organization and its operations more functional over the course of the next two years.

The Air Force secretary and chief of staff established the concept of a centralized installation and mission support organization in February 2014 as part of the Future Air Force Initiative. The initiative stemmed from a 2013 secretary of defense decision to implement efficiency reforms, including reducing major headquarters across the Defense Department.

In June 2014, Air Staff, MAJCOMs and DRUs finalized the list of capabilities to be retained by those functions and the more than 150 installation and mission support capabilities that would transfer to AFIMSC. In August 2014, AFIMSC-Provisional activated at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, and a staff of 65 assembled to define AFIMSC’s mission and capabilities.

In January 2015, the Air Force selected Joint Base San Antonio, Texas, as the location for the permanent unit headquarters. AFIMSC activated April 6, 2015.

The unit includes the San Antonio-based headquarters, six primary subordinate units and 10 detachments collocated with active duty MAJCOMs and the Air Force District of Washington. The six PSUs are the Air Force Civil Engineer Center, Air Force Financial Management Center of Expertise, Air Force Financial Services Center, Air Force Installation Contracting Agency, Air Force Security Forces Center and Air Force Services Activity.