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  • Technical sergeant has two master's degrees

    Stay in a college classroom for 17 years? Tech. Sgt. Rudy Flores thinks it is a smart idea. After nearly two decades of college classes, the 8th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron security manager shows no signs of stopping his desire to learn. In July, the sergeant walked across the stage to accept his master’s degree in computer information systems
  • Major overcomes adversity to fly again

    Maj. Alan Brown grew up the way many boys in the West grow up, with hard work and a love for the outdoors. In 1994, he became a C-130 Hercules pilot with the Wyoming Air National Guard and was living the dream of many, flying whenever he could and spending the rest of his time hunting, fishing and helping out on his father’s farm. But that dream
  • Triathlons are lieutenant’s passion

    Completing a 26-mile marathon, as opposed to just succeeding at the 1.5 mile Air Force fitness evaluation run, can be a lofty goal. But not for Kristi Porter, a first lieutenant with the 446th Logistics Readiness Flight here. For her, competing in marathons -- like the Seattle Marathon she ran Nov. 27 -- is just a way to stay in shape. Since the
  • Brothers meet at 25,000 feet

    Families normally get together for holidays -- but at 25,000 feet? Not hardly. But two pilots from the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing found a way to accomplish a mission and have a family reunion at the same time. Capts. Greg Matthew Amig reunited in the skies over Southwest Asia, where Greg refueled his brother’s aircraft on Thanksgiving Day. The
  • Ambassadors in blue

    Airman 1st Class Michael Zdenek is an ambassador. His job is not as high-profile as national ambassadors or United Nations representatives, but to the people he meets at wedding parties, retirement ceremonies and funerals, his job as a member of the High Frontier Honor Guard is just as important. Three weeks each month, Airman Zdenek works in the
  • Evaluation tests mettle of future combat rescue officers

    Their faces grimaced with strain, and a mixture of sweat and pool water dripped from them onto the ground as the eight men pounded out pushups. Even with the sun high overhead, the chill in the late-October air reminded them winter was coming to south Georgia. The Airmen -- whittled down from a field of 20 -- were testing their mettle to see if
  • Airman leaves Colombian home for family

    She left heaven. Not because she wanted to, but because her family needed her to leave. But if Staff Sgt. Yaneth Alvarez had her way, she would still be sitting at her family’s old brick home nestled between Colombia’s Cordillera Occidental and the Cordillera Central mountains. The 509th Medical Group Airman would be in Belen de Umbria. It’s a town
  • Patchwork of passions: Band seamstress can do it all

    Her Grammy nominated voice has impressed audiences around the world, including the former President Bill Clinton and thousands of servicemembers. She’s performed with Bob Hope and Wayne Newton, but finds joy working with convicted criminals. As a kind and gifted woman, she is considered a “sacred piece of the hallowed halls of U.S. Air Force Band
  • Airman running against the odds

    In Dec. 9, 1999, doctors diagnosed Maj. Michael Moyles with oligoastrocytoma, a type brain cancer, and gave him six years to live. Today, the major, a commercial satellite communications operational manager at U.S. Strategic Command here, is alive -- and beating cancer one step at a time. “You never know what tomorrow is going to hold,” Major
  • Woman veteran recalls World War II duty

    The popular images of World War II show American men fighting the Axis powers. What are often missing are images of the women pioneers of the nurse corps who patched up the Soldiers so they could face and defeat the enemy. Ann Walker was among those pioneering veterans. Mrs. Walker is from Grand Forks. Her war story begins right after she left


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