Air Force Photos

Cockpit lights
Capts. Matthew Upchurch, left, and Jennifer Nolta take off Oct. 6, 2014, from Camp Bastion, Afghanistan. Airmen from the 9th Airlift Squadron transported more than 266,000 pounds of cargo as part of retrograde operations in Afghanistan. Aircrews for the retrograde operations are managed by the 385th Air Expeditionary Group Detachment 1 and this flight surpassed 11 million pounds of cargo transported in a 50-day timespan. During this time, crews under the 385th AEG broke Air Mobility Command’s operational cargo load record five times. The heaviest load to date is 280,880 pounds. Upchurch and Nolta are C-5M Super Galaxy pilots with the 9th AS. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Jeremy Bowcock)