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  • William Tell still anybody’s game

    “Not in our house” may have been the slogan chanted by the New York Yankees fans during game seven of the league championship series against the Boston Red Sox, but they obviously did not mean it as the Red Sox went on to become the World Champions of baseball.The Airmen from here, however, seem to mean it.On their home field, the Air Education and
  • Weapons troops are not cowboys during Loadeo

    Despite what people may think, the Loadeo event does not feature an Airman wearing a cowboy hat, straddling an AIM-120 missile, ready for the ride of his life.Loadeo is the weapons-loading competition taking place here during the 2004 William Tell air-to-air weapons meet.“Loadeo is a competition made of two loading sets,” said Chief Master Sgt. Jim
  • Developmental teams get voice in officer PME selection

    More than 1,100 officers will get the chance to attend intermediate or senior developmental education schools thanks to the Developmental Education Designation Board held at the Air Force Personnel Center here in October.The board combined inputs from the central selection promotion boards and development teams for the first time. Development
  • Air Force officials announce OTS selections

    More than 180 men and women from throughout America have earned an opportunity to become Air Force leaders following their selection for a commission, officials here announced Nov. 12.Air Force Recruiting Service officials considered 205 applications as part of Officer Training School Selection Board 0501, which convened Sept. 28 to 30, and
  • PACAF’s team uses advantage during William Tell

    A pilot checks his radar and looks over his shoulder to see an enemy fighter at his 3 o’clock position. The infrared seeker on the air-to-air missile rotates to the right as the pilot moves his head. He lines up the enemy fighter with the crosshairs on his helmet-visor display and shoots. The missile launches towards its target, and the pilot
  • 50th anniversary of William Tell kicks off at Tyndall

    The U.S. Air Forces in Europe team jumped off to an early lead after officials kicked off William Tell 2004 here Nov. 8. The start marked the 50th anniversary of the Air Force air-to-air weapons meet.This year's meet has put to rest the longest gap in its history after an eight year hiatus because of high operations tempo and participation in
  • Act increases bonuses, education benefits for reserve

    Increased education benefits and more flexibility in awarding bonuses are among the quality-of-life improvements targeting National Guard and Reserve servicemembers in the 2005 National Defense Authorization Act.The act also provides for changes in how guardsmen and reservists are mobilized and deployed."I am encouraged that the (Defense)
  • Air Force’s top leaders visit Southwest Asia

    The Air Force’s top civilian, officer and enlisted leaders visited more than 5,000 Airmen at this forward-deployed location Nov. 4 as they kicked off their swing through Southwest Asia.Sporting the Air Force’s new proposed utility uniform, Secretary of the Air Force Dr. James G. Roche, Chief of Staff Gen. John P. Jumper, and Chief Master Sgt. of
  • DOD schools launch customer-satisfaction survey

    Department of Defense Education Activity officials want to hear the opinions of students, parents and teachers. They launched the 2004 customer-satisfaction survey Nov. 1.The survey is open to all 4th- to 12th-grade education activity students, their parents or sponsors, and teachers. The survey is designed to gather feedback from these groups
  • Officials select officers for developmental education

    Boards here selected more than 300 company-grade officers from 14 career fields to attend developmental education programs beginning in the summer, Air Force Personnel Center officials announced Nov. 1.The development team special program selection and Air Force Institute of Technology boards considered officers from various career fields for
  • CMSAF addresses top issues

    Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Gerald R. Murray addressed hundreds of troops attending the 2004 Airlift/Tanker Association Symposium on Oct. 29, an event he has been unable to attend in years past.Chief Murray gave his insight on three main topics he said he feels are the backbone of the enlisted corps: Airmen taking care of Airmen, war
  • AFIT honors 2004 distinguished alumni

    The Air Force Institute of Technology honored two 2004 distinguished alumni here Oct. 29. Retired Maj. Gen. Robert R. Rankine and Dr. Edward T. Curran were selected for their pioneering roles in science, engineering and education.“The title of ‘distinguished alumnus’ is the highest honor that AFIT awards to a graduate,” said Brig. Gen. Dave
  • Pennsylvania extends absentee-voter deadline

    Military and civilian residents of Pennsylvania living overseas received an eight-day extension on the deadline to get their absentee ballots counted.The extension came about when a federal judge settled a lawsuit Oct. 29 between the governor of Pennsylvania and the parents of two servicemembers, according to news reports. The state's
  • British team shoots to top at Defender Challenge 2004

    An eight-person British team took home the top award at the worldwide security forces competition Defender Challenge 2004 held here Oct. 22 to 28.The Royal Air Force Regiment took first in the grueling fitness challenge event and third in the Sadler Cup tactical exercise. These wins earned them the coveted Defender Challenge Champion trophy. Only
  • Leaders call for evaluation of suicide prevention efforts

    Air Force senior leaders are calling for commanders to conduct full reviews of suicide prevention efforts and to ensure that all Airmen are aware of resources such as life skills and other support agencies to address the service’s highest suicide rate in nine years.As of Oct. 27, 46 active-duty airmen had taken their own lives since Jan. 1, which
  • Online write-in absentee ballot offered for overseas voters

    Deployed or stationed overseas and still waiting for your state absentee ballot to arrive in the mail? There's no need to sweat it out any more.The online federal write-in absentee ballot gives U.S. citizens overseas who haven't yet received the absentee ballots they applied for the chance to vote in the upcoming elections, according to Polly
  • Service demographics available

    Air Force Personnel Center officials here recently published the quarterly demographics report offering a snapshot of the service's active-duty and civilian force as of Sept. 30.The report outlines information regarding the Air Force’s 372,424 active-duty Airmen and 141,147 civilian employees, such as age, sex, race and education level.The complete
  • Officials activate National Security Space Institute

    Air Force Space Command officials stood up a space education and training organization here recently that they said will provide the foundation to creating a new generation of space professionals. The National Security Space Institute will be the Department of Defense's single focal point for space education and training, complementing existing
  • Airman’s American journey spans 13 years, two countries

    “My parents told us we were going to Disneyland, but they told me not to bring any clothes or toys because they would buy us new ones.”That was how Senior Airman Jesus Espinoza Ogarcia, now assigned to the 14th Medical Operations Squadron, was persuaded to leave his home in Puebla, Mexico, when he was 8 years old.“My parents had to lie to me
  • Relationship, money issues face some returning combatants

    Money, intimacy and re-establishing their relationship as a couple and with their children are some of the challenging issues facing families when servicemembers return after months away in Iraq or Afghanistan. A team of mental-health professionals from the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress, part of the Uniformed Services University of the


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