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  • Twins celebrate a half century of service

    Many things have changed at Robins in the past 50 years. There have been runway extensions, new buildings, new units and a string of commanders. But there has been one constant: the presence of Billy and Bobby Edwards, who are logistics management specialists. The 69-year-old identical twins joined federal service shortly after graduating from
  • 'Air and Space Power Journal' launches Arabic edition

    The professional flagship publication of the Air Force, the “Air and Space Power Journal,” is adding an Arabic version to its list of international editions in January.The journal has been produced by the College of Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education here since 1949. The Arabic version will reach 22 Arabic-speaking countries.The journal’s
  • Air Force officials select ROTC detachment commanders

    Air Education and Training Command officials recently announced the Air Force ROTC detachment commanders for 2005.The Airmen were selected by a board that convened here Nov. 8. They will assume command in July.The complete list is available online at www.aetc.randolph.af.mil/pa/AETCNS/Jan2005/011005006.htm. (Courtesy of AETC News Service)
  • AF’s former top military lawyer to retire in reduced rank

    Air Force Secretary Dr. James G. Roche has directed that Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Fiscus, the former Judge Advocate General of the Air Force, be retired in the permanent grade of colonel effective Feb. 1. Retirement in the grade of colonel instead of major general will result in a future retired pay loss of about $900,000, Air Force budget officials
  • Course changes enhance enlisted professionals

    Air Force officials recently standardized enlisted professional enhancement courses and changed the supervisory structure for career assistance advisers and First Term Airman’s Center course managers. These changes enhance enlisted professionals by linking formal training, education and on-the-job training to develop Airmen’s technical skills and
  • Airman rescues woman, baby from icy river

    An Airman here plunged into an icy river recently to save a woman and her baby from a sinking car just minutes after proposing to his girlfriend.While home on leave in Kellyville, Okla., Airman Basic Joshua Johnson went to Tulsa to propose marriage to Brittany Campbell on a pedestrian bridge over the Arkansas River.Moments after she accepted Airman
  • DOD implements new sexual-assault prevention policy

    Defense Department officials here Jan. 4 announced sweeping changes in how the military handles sexual assaults, with uniform policies and procedures that apply to all servicemembers, wherever they are at home station or deployed.Dr. David S.C. Chu, undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, said the changes, laid out in 11 new
  • AF issues Article 15 to top military lawyer

    The commander of Air Education and Training Command completed nonjudicial punishment action against the Air Force’s former top military lawyer Dec. 21.Following a review of an Air Force inspector general investigation into allegations of wrongdoing, Gen. Donald G. Cook, AETC commander, punished Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Fiscus. General Fiscus received
  • SECAF discusses tenure with Pope Airmen

    Air Force Secretary Dr. James G. Roche recently reflected on his accomplishments in the position with a small group of Airmen here.Everywhere he goes, the secretary said he meets great Airmen who are working very hard to protect the nation. He cares about the welfare of Airmen and has worked hard to improve their quality of life, he said.Secretary
  • JAG Corps offers accessions programs

    The Air Force's Judge Advocate General Corps gives company-grade officers two opportunities during January through March to join their ranks. The programs, the Funded Legal Education Program and the Excess Leave Program, allow active-duty officers to pursue law degrees without leaving the Air Force and then serve in the JAG Corps. Both programs,
  • Ugandans get air power lesson

    The U.S. Air Forces in Europe commander addressed the first class of Ugandan Senior Command and Staff College attendees here Dec. 2 during the course’s air power week. As the guest lecturer, Gen. Robert H. “Doc” Foglesong talked about issues ranging from air and space power to leadership and how the miracle of freedom motivates countries to work
  • Airmen teach English to South Korean children

    Airmen from here are traveling to Suwon City to help teach English to students at an elementary school.Since August, 25 Airmen assigned to the 51st Medical Group have taught English at the school the first Saturday of every month.The volunteer work got the attention of the city’s mayor, Kim Young Sun, who thanked the Airmen with a luncheon Dec.
  • Financial impact of force shaping lessened

    Airmen transitioning to the Air Force Reserve through Palace Chase or to the Army through Blue to Green force-shaping initiatives now face a lighter economic impact.Airmen will no longer have to pay education costs or unearned portions of enlistment bonuses if they applied for separation after Dec. 1 through the Blue to Green or Palace Chase
  • Officials announce F-16 accident investigation findings

    Air Force officials announced investigation findings of a May 19 F-16 Fighting Falcon crash on the Tohono O’odham Nation in Arizona. The pilot, Singaporean air force 2nd Lt. Kwang Han Loo, was killed in the crash. He was assigned to the 425th Fighter Squadron, a foreign military training squadron, at Luke Air Force Base, Ariz.The investigation
  • Air Force 'e-exams' provide instant results

    Whether at home or in the field, the answer will come sooner when it comes to taking an Air Force examination.By January, Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributed Learning officials at nearby Gunter Annex will have fully implemented the e-exam computer-based testing program which will provide a variety of military tests via computers.“The Air
  • PACAF earns ‘Top’ honors at William Tell

    The very last flight of the 2004 William Tell air-to-air weapons meet was flown by the Pacific Air Forces team from Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska, on Nov. 18, and it was that mission that put them on top.“We never expected a team to walk away with it, and nobody did walk away with it,” said Lt. Col. Ed Nagler, of the 53rd Weapons Evaluation
  • Air Force civilians among top 50 Hispanics

    Hispanic Engineer and Information Technology magazine has included two Air Force civilians among this year’s Top 50 Hispanics in Business and Technology.Michael L. Dominguez and Michael Montelongo were selected from among hundreds of workers in government, academia and corporate America for their leadership responsibilities, impact on science and
  • Air Force thrives on respect for diversity

    Air Force leaders said the service’s capability to function as a team and accomplish its mission depends on respecting diversity.Leaders reinforced that basic tenet in light of recent feedback from U.S. Air Force Academy cadets who said they felt pressured to participate in religious activities that were not in line with their own personal
  • Aggressors add realism to William Tell

    Russian on your tail, Russian on your wingman, and you have got only one missile remaining. What should you do?You should be thankful they are just flying out of Nevada to give you a taste of worldwide flying tactics, that is what.Pilots of the 64th Aggressor Squadron out of Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., are flying profiles against the five
  • Airman achieves dream to fly 'into the wild blue yonder'

    The anticipation shines in his eyes. The smile on his face is genuine and easy. His demeanor exudes an infectious energy.Capt. Terry Tyree Jr. gets to fly today.It has taken him 14 years, three technical schools and a positive attitude to achieve his dream of becoming an Air Force pilot.He enlisted in the Air Force in 1990 and left his hometown


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