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  • Airman’s dream becomes reality through Career Intermission Program

    Former Tech. Sgt. Travis Barrino from Morven, North Carolina, always felt a calling to be a pastor. As an active-duty chaplain’s assistant, however, he didn’t have the necessary education and experience qualifications for his dream job--to be a chaplain in the U.S. Air Force.

  • Air Force dual-military retention improves thanks to Airman’s idea

    The day comes when that final project is due for class. The project is ready and prepped for presentation or thrown together within twenty-four hours. Either way it has to be ready without delay. Despite being an academic project, sometimes there are cases where it could be implemented in real life.

  • Career Intermission Program provides hiatus from active-duty AF

    A year ago, Capt. Katie Evans, a personnel officer, had two choices: leave active duty to pursue full-time parenthood and hope to return some day, or apply for the new Career Intermission Program which would allow her to leave the service for a few years with a guaranteed return to active duty. CIP

  • Balancing career, family through career intermission program

    Being in the U.S. military can be a tough balance between career and family. For some, it comes down to a choice between the two; however, for Katie Evans, a temporarily separated captain and the former 18th Force Support Squadron manpower and personnel flight commander here, it's about keeping

  • 32 Airmen to enter Career Intermission Program

    Thirty-four officer and enlisted Airmen were selected to participate in the Air Force's Career Intermission Program which offers from one to three years of partially paid time out of uniform to focus on personal and professional pursuits. Two of those selected have since voluntarily withdrawn their