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RT @USAFCENT: The mission still continues here at AFCENT. Check out how AFCENT commander Gen. Guastella & AFCENT Command Chief Master Sgt.…
Don't forget to protect your computer from viruses while you telework! #ReadyAF For detailed instructions on how t… https://t.co/DN3ra26ORY
The latest on the Department of the Air Force response to the spread of #COVID19USAF is available here #ReadyAFhttps://t.co/1iiKdEtLYD
RT @48FighterWing: “The critical responsibilities and missions of our 685,000 #Airmen do not fade even during a pandemic. Across a worldwid…
As working from home is at an all time high, so is the need to protect our systems. @USDISA has renewed the home-us… https://t.co/6uQnahwqgA
🔊 A healthy force is a #ReadyAF! https://t.co/AdbhZKdYn5
RAF Fairford participated in Bomber Task Force Europe showcasing Maintainers' and Operators' abilities to prepare a… https://t.co/WVcNcusfn7
RT @USAFReserve: Maintenance still turning wrenches amid #COVID19 pandemic - https://t.co/0oSjGSwGFK (Story by the @943rdRQG) #ReserveReady
Kudos to the @MDNG for doing their part! #COVID19USAF https://t.co/H9UWpCtYLI
Our #InnovativeAF finding ways to continue to train, develop, and inspire our premier warfighters. https://t.co/zeLPkymO1X
Explosive Ordnance Disposal & Security Forces Airmen conducted joint training, Multifunction Airman, to reinforce t… https://t.co/cv4MgK3Yif
Airmen from Aviano Air Base, Italy, will not let #COVID19 slow their readiness. The mission continues. #ReadyAF https://t.co/URwIcsrlKU
#DYK March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Yearly, 2.5 million people sustain a #TBI in the U.S. If you are living… https://t.co/joFIYA7Nil
RT @DeptofDefense: Get the most up-to-date information on the nationwide response here https://t.co/nW3y5A5q5B or here https://t.co/KPhEEkf…
The latest news on the Dept. of the Air Force response to the spread of #COVID19 is available at… https://t.co/sJAhk4U06u