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Default Air Force Logo Reverse the trend, be safe this Labor Day weekend
Labor Day marks the end of the 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign. So far this year, U.S. Air Forces in Europe has had six members seriously injured in motor vehicle mishaps.During last year's campaign, we did not lose a single USAFE member. This summer, one member has been permanently paralyzed and five members have been hospitalized with
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Default Air Force Logo Consequences of a DUI from an airman who knows
On April 27, I got a DUI, or driving under the influence, charge.I started my evening by drinking with some people in the dorms for a going away party. Later, I went to a local club off base for an hour or so and left about 2:30 a.m. It was raining hard and I was halfway home when I ran through a water puddle and my car veered to the right. I
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Default Air Force Logo 'Don't sweat the small stuff' is usually bad advice
We often admire those around us who have the uncanny ability see the "big picture." These are the people who, amid all the chaos, can keep focused on the larger task at hand and not get sidetracked by all the details.At the same time, we tend to look at people who emphasize the small details as nitpickers, micromanagers, or worse.Our culture is
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Default Air Force Logo Fitness requires determination, commitment
There is a constant emphasis in our modern society on looking good, feeling good and living longer. Scientific evidence tells us one of the keys to achieving these ideals is fitness and exercise. If you spend your days at a mostly sedentary job and pass your evenings as a "couch potato," it may require some determination and commitment to make
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Default Air Force Logo Leadership, attitude, teamwork
Too often, people depend on unit leadership to define how "good" things are. In reality, they are the ones who make their organization a better place to work.Everyone has a stake in the effectiveness, health and welfare of his or her organization, base and community.When I ask others about their best assignments or most rewarding experiences,
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Default Air Force Logo How to rein in your inner workaholic
One summer evening, shortly after arriving at my new assignment, my boss strolled by my house and saw my wife and children sitting on our front porch. He asked her where I was. My wife told him I was still at the office. When she relayed this to me, in the egotistical corner of my heart I secretly hoped he was impressed by my work ethic.The next
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Default Air Force Logo Deafness not something to laugh at
Within days of the release of "Black Hawk Down," the movie by director Ridley Scott, people across America were talking about it and how it was the most accurate portrayal of battle scenes yet produced by Hollywood. The gritty reality of the movie with the feel of being inside the battle drew many people to the theater to see for themselves what
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Default Air Force Logo C-H-I-E-F steps to success
Just because you don't have eight stripes on each sleeve doesn't mean you can't exemplify the qualities of a chief. Many leaders have helped my military career thrive by influencing me to be a better troop, sharing in my accomplishments and by helping me bounce back from failure. These leaders all shared five key qualities:Candidness -- There's
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Default Air Force Logo Define moments with human approach
An actor in the movie "Tin Cup" said the world is full of defining moments. The question is whether the moment will define you or you will define the moment.Young leaders may not know this, but those defining moments are constantly happening. They are not always on such a large scale as the movie makes them out to be.When a troop approaches you
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Default Air Force Logo Taking our nation's patriotism with us while we serve
While traveling across the country, or even while in their hometown, most people would agree there is an incredible amount of patriotism being displayed through the flying of our nation's flag. Since Sept. 11, that patriotism has been more apparent to me everywhere I turn, but never more so than in the men and women I serve with in the Air
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