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  • Helping children cope with deployment

    Deployments are often very stressful for the people left behind. Those affected most may be the deployed member's children.Changes seen in children can be distressing for both the stateside and deployed parent, as well as the child struggling with the parent's departure.The most important information for concerned parents is that their child's
  • Develop, review wellness checklist

    Air Force pilots are trained that checklists are one of the most important tools in the aeronautical decision-making process.Pilots at all stages of flying from the student to the command pilot use checklists. Pilots use a very extensive checklist during preflight to determine airworthiness of the aircraft.As there are checklists for the aircraft,
  • Why I joined the military - why I became an airman

    I know you've been asked the question, "Why did you join the military?" I have, and just recently thought about my answer.To be quite frank, my initial reason for joining the military was selfish. I enlisted Aug. 15, 1985, because I was unsure what I wanted to do with my life. I believed the military would provide me a healthy environment in
  • Simple patriotic act reflects commitment to service

    Much is made in the press and popular culture about the generation that is currently coming of age to join the military -- the generation that will replace us as the future of the Air Force.The recurring theme is that they are not the service type, that their horizons are viewed through a lens of self-absorption, and that which is not immediately
  • Once an airman, forever an airman

    It's one of those things that sneaks up on you. You are ambling along, doing your job each day, enjoying life, when suddenly your life changes, never to be the same. You don't really like it, but you must accept it because you can't do anything about it. So you start making plans to deal with this unwanted situation called retirement!Never in 29
  • Conquer evil mushrooms this year

    There is a video game I remember from my youth on which the unseen 'god of the game' slowly but surely pushes your character forward. If you don't do anything, your character is eventually killed by being pushed off a cliff or into an evil mushroom.I hated that level. I liked having the option of taking things at my own pace, and being able to go
  • Get your troops ready for deployment

    Deployments have become a bigger part of our lives these days. Many of us have deployed in the past, and some of us are more familiar about certain places than others.Lately, the places we are deploying to are new to us -- places we aren't even sure we can find on a map, let alone try to spell.Consider the things that go through people's minds
  • Leaders should be fit, be fair, be firm

    -- "Chief, I've got a question..."These five words have become a very common introductory remark as I traverse the many shops, offices and flightlines of our great Aerospace Force.While many of the questions concern deployments, pay, assignments and quality of life issues, more and more I'm getting, "Do you have any advice for today's young
  • Supervisors play key role in career counseling

    Quick! What is your role in career counseling as a supervisor? Do you have to be a supervisor to provide career counseling? What does career counseling mean to you? How does career counseling tie into any retention problems the Air Force faces today?If you can answer every question above, you have mastered one of the main roles of being a
  • 'Looking up' offers many benefits

    Remember when you were a kid riding your bike against the wind? You'd put your head down and just pedal as fast and hard as your whole body could.There probably is some aerodynamic benefit, even at bicycle speeds, to riding this way, but all I remember is thinking, "If I put my head down and don't think about how hard this is or how slow I seem to


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