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  • Breast cancer -- A family story

    It's one of my first memories from my childhood, and it haunts me.I was sitting in the living room combing my mom's hair and it just seemed to fall out -- all of it.At six years old, I was affected by something most people may never experience. Although, according to the American Cancer Society, one in eight women will.My mother was diagnosed with
  • Core values don't include drinking underage

    It used to be that having a couple of drinks after work was the thing to do. A whole group would head from the dorms to the Airman's Club and drink the night away.In the early 1980s, things started to change. The drinking age was changed to 19, then 20 and then 21. People were upset.I hear the same complaints today that I heard then: "If I am
  • There's more to patriotism than meets the eye

    I've always considered myself a patriot, but recently I've come to realize there's more to patriotism than wearing red, white and blue.Let me set the scene for my awakening.The cell phone rang; it was the boss. He began, "Rich, it's Todd. I've got good news and bad news."Taking the bait, I replied, "Go ahead, give me the bad news."His tone
  • You make the call

    Have you ever heard the saying, "If the baby's ugly, call it ugly"? Not a very nice thing to hear, but it gets your attention, doesn't it?The meaning of this anonymous quote, quite simply, is to make the tough call.As a supervisor, you are placed in positions every day by your troops to try and accommodate one or more of their wishes. When you
  • Planning helps reduce stress when deployment ends

    Prior to a deployment, the Air Force wants to make the separation as easy as possible for the military family so the member can concentrate on his or her job while away from home.Obtaining a power of attorney, setting up an allotment and ensuring family members are properly enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System so they get
  • No matter what uniform, we all must pull together

    After more than 17 years as an Air Force civilian employee here, I have great admiration, respect and appreciation for the people who serve in all branches of our military.I also have a deep sense of pride in the way most Americans have responded to the sacrifices men and women in uniform have made on their behalf since the events of Sept. 11.I
  • Airmen depend on supervisors, so be a good one

    What's the difference between a supervisor and a leader?As supervisors, you're responsible for your people's actions and for evaluating them according to standards. As leaders, you set the example by displaying integrity, honesty, dedication, fairness and concern for your subordinates. The roles of leadership and supervision go hand-in-hand.The
  • POWs, missing heroes show true meaning of patriotism

    Friday, Sept. 20, is National POW/MIA Recognition Day, a time for us to pay special tribute to all Americans who were taken prisoner of war or are missing in action.On that day we reaffirm our commitment to those still missing and renew our pledge to make every effort to obtain the answers to their fate. We can do no less for these American heroes
  • Identity theft: how to protect yourself

    Once upon a time, crooks were easier to identify. They were shady characters who waited in dark alleys to jump out and snatch whatever valuables you might have.With rapid advances in information technology, a new type of crook has emerged: the identity thief.The identity thief doesn't have to wait in an alley to rip you off. You may never even
  • Seize each day -- live life to fullest

    Amazing how fast time passes. Seems like only yesterday we were unpacking the truck and settling in to a new assignment here. Somehow, almost unbelievably, it is time for the truck to return and move us to another new place to live.Without our permission, time moves our lives forward each and every day. If we aren't careful, we can settle into a


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RT @HQUSAFEPA: "This is a sad day for the US & Ukraine. Our deepest condolences go out to the family, friends & fellow Airmen of both the U…
The #AirForce director of civil engineering praised #Airmen & our joint partners on their collaborative work during… https://t.co/nSQE09xwfZ
RT @LeeHudson_: #USAF officials say all of the #F22 aircraft left during the storm are repairable.
Now this is what #resilience looks like! With the support of #TotalForce #Airmen around the #AirForce,… https://t.co/oiLqSFcH0W
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RT @TeamTyndall: Crews are working throughout Tyndall to clear roads, safe down powered lines and inspect buildings so Team Tyndall may ret…
Recovery efforts are currently underway at @TeamTyndall. This map will provide real-time information as facility as… https://t.co/E0ohjEOtJE
Visitors from the sky! For the first time in 51 years, @RamsteinAirBase #parajumpers dropped in on Chièvres Air Bas… https://t.co/LCptd76A0a
RT @Oriana0214: TONIGHT FROM MATTIS: "Right now the initial review yesterday by @SecAFOfficial, coming on 48 hours due by Air Combat Comman…