Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force visits Airmen at Camp Eggers

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Katie Spencer
  • NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan
The chief master sergeant of the Air Force visited Airmen at the NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan headquarters at Camp Eggers here June 17.

Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James A. Roy spoke with the troops on current events in and out of the U.S., such as the recent natural disasters that has activated the Air National Guard into duty and the conflict in Libya.

"There is a lot of commitment in the Libya fight," Chief Roy said. "The Air Force does not have boots on the ground there, but we've got Airmen who are boots on the ground somewhere else sending massive support from all over."

He also addressed issues on the topic of mobilizing Airmen and the challenges the Air Force faces when deploying troops.

When Airmen deploy, they are supplied with gear from their home station, then issued more gear at their combat skills training and additional equipment upon entry into their area of responsibility, Chief Roy said. This has been an issue for most, if not all Airmen, and the Air Force is doing their best to minimize the issue of unnecessary equipment to deploying Airmen.

Another issue Airmen face when deploying to the AOR is their job responsibilities and training for those jobs.

The Air Force will deploy troops who are trained to do a specific a job, but once these troops get to their locations and start their jobs, they are not properly trained or equipped, he said.

"We are very adamant about training our deployed Airmen, and we urge those who are not doing what they were trained to do, to document the problems so we can get it fixed," Chief Roy said. "We are in the process of making sure the line remarks on orders correlate with an Airman's job so they are being tasked appropriately."

Chief Master Sgt. of the Air National Guard Christopher Muncy was also in attendance and shared some inspirational words for the Airmen.

"Do you tell your story, Airmen?" Chief Muncy asked. "Talk to your family and friends about what you do and how you contribute to the U.S.A. You wear the uniform, and you should be proud of all your accomplishments because (Air Force leaders) are certainly proud of you. We are one team one fight; tell your Air Force story."

Since being chief master sergeant of the Air Force, Chief Roy has visited Afghanistan four times and believes the NTM-A mission and the Airmen in the fight are vital to developing the Afghan National Security Force.

"Thank you for being Airmen and contributing to U.S. security," he said. "Airmen are important to the fight, and you are making us look good. Your families are just as important, and the Air Force leadership appreciates all they do."