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  • By Capt. Larry van der Oord
  • Global Cyberspace Integration Center Public Affairs
The Global Cyberspace Integration Center here is playing a key role in helping the Defense Information Systems Agency deploy a new service to the entire Department of Defense business and warfighting community.

DISA recently awarded a contract to deploy Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional software across the entire DOD, and the GCIC is one of the first organizations now offering a managed Adobe Connect service to other interested DOD organizations.

The Adobe Connect software is an Adobe Systems Inc. communications and collaboration tool that enables deployed servicemembers, support staff and military leaders to collaborate more efficiently across locations worldwide.

Other services have already deployed Adobe Connect, but it is generally not accessible to anyone outside of their internal organizations.

"Everyone looking for an early preview of Adobe Connect is now approaching us for accounts, demonstrations, training and lessons learned," said Scott Hamilton, a GCIC systems assessor.

The GCIC is currently using Adobe Connect for two main purposes. First, the system is being used for day-to-day business, such as collaborating during staff meetings when several locations are involved.

During Spiral 1 of Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment 08, an Air Force chief of staff-sponsored, major command-executed series of experiments, Maj. Jason Mergenov of the GCIC Initiative Development Branch used Adobe Connect to collaborate across multiple distributed locations.

"I conducted daily meetings from Barksdale Air Force Base with team members at Langley, Offutt, Schriever and Dyess," Major Mergenov said. "We had the capability for text and voice chat and the ability to share files and conduct briefings. This allowed me, as team lead, to quickly assimilate status from multiple locations and provide a daily update to senior leaders."

The second main reason for GCIC use of Adobe Connect is to evaluate its applicability to warfighting requirements, such as those for the Air and Space Operations Center.

"For the warfighter, the potential advantages are tremendous," Mr. Hamilton said. "Unlike systems that require unique software to be installed on their workstation, Adobe Connect will allow a variety of users to converge in a single virtual space to address a time sensitive crisis situation."

"We are truly helping pioneer the way ahead for DOD collaborative tools," Mr. Hamilton said.

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