Former chief of staff visits Fairchild, praises AMC

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  • By Staff Sgt. Connie L. Bias
  • 92nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs
"The primary purpose of the United States Air Force is to fight and win America's wars."

With this statement, retired Gen. Ronald R. Fogleman, the former Air Force chief of staff, summed up an address on the history of Air Mobility Command and the Air Force during his meeting with more than 400 Airmen July 24 at Fairchild Air Force Base.

The general visited the base as a guest speaker for Fairchild AFB's 60th Anniversary Speakers Symposium, part of a series of events commemorating the Air Force anniversary.

With his master's degree in military history, 34 years of active-duty experience including time spent in South Vietnam, West Germany and Thailand, the general left Airmen with a deeper historical understanding and appreciation of strategic deterrence, the emergence of aviation and air power, warfare abilities throughout the ages, and AMC's formulation and progress. 

The mission and future of mobility are "at the forefront" of Air Force success as we "find ourselves so deeply embedded in missions around the world," he said.

"Air Mobility Command has requirements for modernization like we've never have in the past," General Fogleman said. Air mobility is the "No. 1, single enabling force" to carrying out the Air Force's strategic mission. "What you do is important. The way you've done it is magnificent."

Today's Airmen's ability to persevere through a changing military environment with its growing responsibilities should be praised, as is their willingness to surrender to a common good, the general said.

"Unlike a lot of society, our Airmen are not focused on 'me' or 'I'; they're focused on 'we' and 'us,'" General Fogleman said. "This is a selflessness that is not seen in most of society."

In addition to the symposium, the general spent time talking to wing leadership about the dynamics of command, while his wife, Miss Jane, met Fairchild AFB's Phoenix Spouses and toured the Airman and Family Readiness Center. The general and Miss Jane spent time with members and supporters of the Airlift Tanker Association and Daedalian organizations. General Fogleman is the national chairman for the A/TA and a former flight captain for the Daedalians.

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