Letter to Airmen focuses on education, training

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In the latest Letter to Airmen, Secretary of the Air Force Michael W. Wynne recognizes the importance of the training every Airman receives, and credits these knowledge-enabled Airmen with exploring new technologies to get the job done.

The secretary said that the training, skill and knowledge of a large group of Airmen ultimately saved the life of Marine Lance Cpl. Justin Ping who was injured on the Iraqi battlefield, Sept. 26, 2006  After evaluation by the medical team at the Balad Air Base hospital, Corporal Ping was transported from Balad to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio in approximately 15 hours.  

"This success is just one example of the training all Airmen receive, and how knowledge-enabled Airmen apply their knowledge and skills daily across the globe, Secretary Wynne wrote.

"We have all heard the phrase "Flexibility is the key to airpower," the secretary wrote. " I would like to add that knowledge-enabled Airmen are the key to flexibility."

Secretary Wynne's Letter to Airmen and other senior leader viewpoints can be found in the Library section of Air Force Link.

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