AFSO 21 initiatives streamline PHA process

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  • By Senior Airman Gena Armstrong
  • Air Force Print News
Airmen at Misawa AB ushered in a new era as they now complete their yearly personal health assessments, or PHAs, online.

The computer-based questionnaire asks the same questions that were asked on the paper worksheet during a hospital visit, but now Airmen just log into the secure Web site and complete the survey on their own time.

The virtual PHA is to be completed before Airmen's yearly dental exam, fulfilling the requirements for both. Unit health monitors are alerted when an Airman is due for their dental exam, and then Airmen must complete the virtual PHA at least one week prior to their dental appointment.

Once completed, the survey generates a summary that lets an Airman know if there are any concerns that should be addressed with a doctor. Those appointments would be made for the same day as the dental exam.

Staff Sgt. Teronda Hunter, Misawa AB's NCO in charge of the Air Force Dental Readiness Assurance Program, said it's this aspect that brings Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st century to the medical group.

"By combining these two appointments, we're saving the wing 100 to 200 appointment hours by having those members come over in one appointment," Sergeant Hunter said.

The time saved will also benefit the Airmen personally, along with their respective workplaces.

"This cuts back on time that they would actually have to come in and see a provider. They don't even have to come into the med group," Sergeant Hunter said.

Because the system is new, Airmen who already completed their yearly PHA will still have to fill out the survey before their dental exam this year. By next year, everyone on Misawa AB will be caught up with the new system.

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