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Chief's perspective focuses on Roll Call

  • Published
The new Roll Call program is the focus of the latest Enlisted Perspective by Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Rodney J. McKinley.

The chief said Airmen can add to their mission effectiveness by increasing their communications, but admits it's not an easy process.

"We all have access to good information on e-mail, on our Air Force Web sites and through the television media," wrote Chief McKinley. "However, many Airmen work long shifts and then have to share an office computer to check e-mail or military Web sites. This doesn't make it easy to keep up with the information you really need to know."

The Roll Call program was instituted to correct that problem.

"These weekly meetings should help keep Airmen informed on current issues, clear up confusion and dispel rumors and provide additional face-to-face communication between supervisors and their teams," wrote the chief.

Chief McKinley's Enlisted Perspective and other senior leader viewpoints can be found in the Library section of Air Force Link.

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