Combat Air Forces squadron commander candidates named

  • Published
  • By Kat Bailey
  • Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs
Air Force officials have selected 335 officers as candidates for Combat Air Forces squadron command in 2018.

The CAF squadron command selection board was held at the Air Force Personnel Center Aug. 22, 2017. The candidates are eligible for any worldwide command opening to include 365-day extended deployment opportunities.

Wing and group hiring officials will use the candidate list to fill projected 2018 CAF squadron commander vacancies. Members appearing on this listing may also be considered for other command opportunities outside of the CAF.

The board typically selects more qualified officers as candidates than there are projected command vacancies to account for any unexpected events during the year. Therefore, not all officers on the list will get command assignments.

Board members reviewed all aspects of the candidates’ records, duty histories, demonstrated leadership ability, professional development and permanent change of station eligibility to identify those most qualified for command.

The CAF candidate list includes an additional 82 CAF members selected by the Air Education and Training Command HAWK squadron commander board who are also eligible to command CAF squadrons.

Candidates will remain on the list if not selected for command until the list is superseded by the following year’s results, unless they are removed for one of a variety of reasons such as selection for another assignment opportunity.

The candidate list is posted to myPers. To view the list, select “Active Duty Officer” from the dropdown menu and search “CAF Squadron.” Prior to posting the list on myPers, AFPC provided senior raters with advanced knowledge of their officers’ selection to allow notification through the chain of command.

For more information about Air Force personnel programs, go to myPers. Individuals who do not have a myPers account can request one by following these instructions.