AF announces selection of 2018 AFROTC detachment commanders

  • Published
  • By Kat Bailey
  • Air Force’s Personnel Center Public Affairs
The Air Force has selected 16 active duty and three Reserve officers as Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps detachment commanders to fill requirements at universities across the nation starting in summer 2018.

A selection board held in September 2017 reviewed 60 applications from lieutenant colonels and majors selected for promotion to lieutenant colonel who were interested in this highly sought-after command opportunity.

“For many students, ROTC detachment commanders are the first military leaders they meet,” said Sundy Muniz, ROTC assignments chief. “They have a significant influence on our future officer corps so it’s critical that committed, focused leaders command these detachments to develop exceptional leaders to lead the world’s most powerful teams.”

Selected officers, listed alphabetically by last name, with current major command and future AFROTC assignment:
Lt. Col. Michael Bailey, Defense Media Activity, Detachment 5, Auburn University
Lt. Col. Ryan Bird, Air Education and Training Command, Detachment 470, University of Nebraska - Omaha
Lt. Col. Jack Blalock, Air Force Materiel Command, Detachment 840, Texas State University
Lt. Col. Sandra Bonney, Air Combat Command, Detachment 835, University of North Texas
Lt. Col. Jeffrey Bosque, Air Force Global Strike Command, Detachment 175, University of Hawaii
Lt. Col. Kathleen Buss, Defense Intelligence Agency, Detachment 290, University of Kentucky
Lt. Col. Nicole Capozzi, ACC, Detachment 255, University of Iowa
Lt. Col. Cory Christoffer, AETC, Detachment 845, Texas Christian University
Lt. Col. David Garon, Air Mobility Command, Detachment 620, Bowling Green University
Lt. Col. Donald Land, Air Force Space Command, Detachment 592, University of North Carolina – Charlotte
Lt. Col. Roosevelt Loveless, Jr., AMC, Detachment 772, Charleston Southern University
Lt. Col. Nicole Phelan, Special Operations Command, Europe, Detachment 280, University of Kansas
Lt. Col. Robert Phelps, AFGSC, Detachment 475, University of New Hampshire
Lt. Col. Andrew Robinson, AETC, Detachment 150, University of Florida
Lt. Col. Michael Rue, Allied Air Command, Detachment 685, Oregon State University
Lt. Col. Robert Schabron, Air Force Element - Joint Chiefs of Staff, Detachment 1, University of Alaska
Lt. Col. Harley Thompson, United States Air Forces in Europe, Detachment 785, University of Memphis
Lt. Col. Trent Williams, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Detachment 520, Cornell University
Lt. Col. Wendy Woodard, Air Force Reserve Command, Detachment 505, New Mexico State University

Prior to posting the list, the Air Force’s Personnel Center provided senior raters with at least a week’s advanced knowledge of their officers’ selection to allow notification through the chain of command.

For more information about Air Force personnel programs, go to myPers from a CAC-enabled computer. Eligible individuals who do not have a myPers account can request one by following these instructions.