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AF releases 2018 squadron command slection list

  • Published
  • By Kat Bailey
  • Air Force’s Personnel Center Public Affairs
More than 550 officers from more than 20 career fields, including support, medical, test and others, have been matched to squadron commander positions across the Air Force.

Using the previously published squadron commander candidate lists, wing and group hiring officials selected individuals to fill projected squadron commander vacancies for 2018, including other non-core commands such as training, recruiting, air base squadrons and 365-day extended deployment command opportunities.

Typically, there are more qualified officers on the candidate lists than there are command vacancies to account for any unexpected contingencies during the year. Candidates who were not selected will remain eligible for command vacancies that open during the calendar year.

The selection list is posted on myPers, accessible from a CAC-enabled computer. To view the list, select “Active Duty Officer” from the dropdown menu and search “Consolidated Squadron.” Prior to posting the list on myPers, the Air Force’s Personnel Center provided senior raters with seven days’ advanced knowledge of their officers’ selection to allow notification through the chain of command.

For more information about Air Force personnel programs, go to myPers. Eligible individuals who do not have a myPers account can request one by following these instructions.