AF officials launch 2018 Total Force Climate Survey

  • Published
  • By Richard Salomon
  • Air Force’s Personnel Center Public Affairs
Air Force leaders at all levels want to know, “How is my organization doing?” The 2018 Total Force Climate Survey, which runs from Aug. 27 to Oct. 30, helps answer that question and more with the help of Air Force active duty, Reserve, Guard and civilian personnel (appropriated and non-appropriated fund).  


“Your feedback is critical in providing Air Force senior leaders an honest view of the organizational climate in the Air Force,” said Brenda Gainey, the Air Force Survey Office chief at the Air Force’s Personnel Center. “One of our top priorities is taking care of people. This means providing everyone the opportunity to perform their best in a healthy work environment.”

The survey is voluntary, confidential and designed to assess the attitudes and opinions of total force members about their work environment and organizational climate. It measures leadership support, satisfaction, unit cohesion, recognition and other topics of interest to Air Force leadership such as major command-specific information, mentoring, perceptions of organizational value and squadron and unit successes.

The Air Force Survey Office began sending individual email invitations in phases to total force personnel Aug. 27. Summarized unit reports by Personnel Accounting Symbol Code will be available to commanders whose units have at least 10 respondents. For units with fewer than 10 participants, responses will be included in the parent unit's report. Leaders will be encouraged to brief the results to their organizations within 30 days of receiving their report.

Historically, the Total Force Climate Survey is conducted every two to three years. The previous survey was conducted in March 2015 with an overall 23 percent participation rate.

“The survey only takes 20 minutes to complete, but the impact of the feedback received will have lasting effects,” Gainey said. “The information will directly impact leaders' decisions on issues that affect the total force. Survey results will provide actionable feedback to leaders at all levels for the purpose of improving their units.”

For more information about the 2018 Total Force Climate Survey and to view the results of the previous survey, go to the Air Force Portal at Once there, enter "Air Force Survey Office" in the search window, select the Air Force Survey Office link and click on the "Total Force Climate Survey" link in the left hand column.