CMSAF Wright visits Peterson AFB

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Emily Kenney
  • 21st Space Wing Public Affairs

Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Kaleth O. Wright visited with the Airmen of the 21st Space Wing and partner units during a visit to Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, April 10-11.

During his two-day visit, Wright learned more about the 21st SW and its mission partners.

Day one began with a breakfast at the Aragon Dining Facility, where Wright met with chief master sergeants from across Peterson AFB and discussed the future of the Air Force and the importance of setting goals in personal and professional development.

“My advice to you is when you have a goal, write it down,” Wright said. “Then, say it out loud – whether that’s telling your coworkers or posting it on Facebook. Once you tell people, you have someone to keep you accountable.”

Returning to his roots and reuniting with some of his former coworkers, Chief Wright toured the 21st Medical Group’s newly renovated Area Dental Laboratory. In a meet and greet with Airmen, he told stories of his own career as a dental technician and provided some words of encouragement.

It’s important to decide who and what you want to be, then strive for that, he said.

“Whether that’s CMSAF or chief of staff of the Air Force, or a business owner – whatever it is you want to be, decide on it and get busy working toward it,” Wright said. “You’ll be surprised the people and opportunities that will come your way and help pave that path for you.

“I always talk about my favorite book, ‘The Alchemist’ and how it says to find your purpose, your personal legend and the entire universe will conspire to help you achieve it. I would say the universe and a lot of people in this room have conspired to get me where I am today. Don’t let anyone limit who you want to be. Always keep striving, set goals and have a good time doing it.”

He then went on to tour the 4th and 16th Space Control Squadrons, where he received briefings about the various space operations across the 21st SW.

During his visit, Wright spoke with Airmen at the Colorado Springs Regional Command Post, the High Frontier Honor Guard, the 21st Security Forces Squadron, the Vosler Noncommissioned Officer Academy and the base dormitory Cyber Café. Throughout the engagements, he shared leadership lessons and stressed the importance of making sure leaders are ready for the challenge of helping their wingmen.

“Make sure you are putting your mask on first,” he said to Airmen at breakfast. “You can’t help others if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Don’t think it’s selfish either – you have to make sure you are mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually fit first.”

Wright also visited Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, where he learned about the missions of both the 21st Mission Support Group and the joint capabilities of those working at America’s Fortress.