AFMC beta-tests diagnostic fitness assessments

  • Published
  • By Marisa Alia-Novobilski
  • Air Force Materiel Command Public Affairs

The Air Force Materiel Command will offer diagnostic fitness assessments to Airmen beginning Jan. 20.

As the Air Force continues to review the overall current fitness assessment guidance for Airmen, AFMC has elected to implement diagnostic testing as a potential part of the policy change.

“Physical fitness is crucial to our ability to meet mission requirements,” said Gen. Arnold W. Bunch, Jr., AFMC commander. “The diagnostic assessments will give Airmen an idea of their current fitness level and where they may need to improve prior to their test due date. This is part of an overall effort to continue to encourage a culture of fitness among all of our Airmen that includes year-round physical conditioning and healthy eating habits.”

Airmen who are current on their fitness assessments may attempt up to three diagnostic assessments, or “mock tests,” during the time period ranging from 45 days before their official assessment month and up to 15 days before their assessment due date. They may elect to take a diagnostic test for certain components, such as pushups or situps, or they may choose to complete the entire test during the mock assessment.

If an Airman completes the full test during a diagnostic session, they may elect to have the assessment count as their official requirement documented in the Air Force Fitness Management System. Once an assessment is recorded, the Airman may not take another diagnostic test until 45 days before the start of their next testing cycle.

“The practice tests aim to both motivate Airmen to maintain a year-round exercise and fitness program while reducing the stress many face during testing,” said Lt. Col. Rachel Marazita, AFMC Military Personnel and Programs branch chief. “Fear of failed PT (physical training) tests and the potential of career-ending disciplinary action is a major stressor that we are looking to eliminate through a sound testing protocol coupled with an organizational culture of fitness.”

The opportunity for diagnostic testing will be available to all AFMC Airmen, regardless of center or location. Implementation teams are working with force support squadron leadership at AFMC installations and tenant units to develop specific guidance before the Jan. 20 start date. The AFMC diagnostic testing policy will remain in effect as interim guidance until the new Air Force policy is published, after which it will be revised to match any new requirements.

“Commanders must incorporate fitness into their organizational culture and establish an environment that supports maintaining fitness and health to meet mission requirements,” Bunch said. “We do our wartime mission every day, and we need to make sure our Airmen are combat-ready.”