AFWERX announces EngageSpace, premier collaboration event for space industry

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  • AFWERX Public Affairs

AFWERX, the U.S. Air Force’s innovation catalyst, announced Sept. 16 that registration is now live for EngageSpace virtual event. Join AFWERX, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Space Force and the Space Frontier Foundation for this two-day virtual event on September 29-30.

With its highly interactive format and diverse participants, this event is designed to revolutionize how the space ecosystem works, dismantle the walls between sectors and close the "believability gap" for what's possible in space.

“EngageSpace is exactly the type of event that we need to help bridge knowledge gaps, explore funding for small companies, and align industry and government interests to ensure that America maintains its technological and innovative edge in the space domain,” said Maj. Ryan Pennington, Space and Missile Systems Center Space Ventures deputy.

AFWERX EngageSpace is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect with the best and brightest and see the future of the new frontier. From the 800 companies that submitted their solutions to four space-focused AFWERX Challenges, 178 have been selected to showcase their solutions and connect with space experts, potential government buyers, and enthusiasts from around the world. Some of these companies will move on to funding opportunities for prototyping and development with the U.S. Air Force or Space Force.

The event will feature highly engaging opportunities to connect, educate and innovate with other like-minded attendees, industry leaders, individual innovators, academia, investors, as well as military and government leaders. The entire event is designed to transform and accelerate the industry, and enable government buyers to pursue the most promising innovative solutions to the most pressing and threatening space scenarios.

“The Space Frontier Foundation is thrilled to be supporting this collaborative event that will help align the major players who are actively creating the next-generation space economy,” said Meagan Crawford, Space Frontier Foundation chair of the Board of Directors and SpaceFund managing partner. “EngageSpace is creating value for startup companies, established industry, and the U.S. government and ensuring that America continues to lead humanity out into the solar system."

Register for the EngageSpace event by visiting