AFLCMC hosts Focus Week Oct. 25-29

  • Published
  • By K. Houston Waters
  • 66th Air Base Group Public Affairs

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center is hosting the third virtual Focus Week of 2021 from Oct. 25-29.   

Focus week is an opportunity for personnel to complete mandatory and discretionary leadership and acquisition training, along with the potential to earn continuous learning points. Dozens of courses will be available, ranging from career and functional area-specific training and coaching to personal development classes.

“Currently, all courses are being offered in a distance learning format, so they are available to the entire AFLCMC workforce, regardless of location,” said Jason Sibrel, Focus Week program manager. “Attendance is open to military, civilian, and most contractor personnel, as long as the contract allows for the attendance of training and the course is open to all.”

A few courses on the schedule for employees this quarter include Understanding the AcqDemo Pay Pool Process for Employees, Acquisition Innovation, Agile Combat Support, Human Systems Integration Introduction and Update, and Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps.

Officials recommend those under the AcqDemo system take appropriate training. Understanding the AcqDemo Pay Pool Process for Employees provides an opportunity. In this course, facilitators will provide participants with insight into the 11-step AcqDemo Contribution-Based Compensation and Appraisal system through the use of self-assessments and a simple, yet proven writing method. In this course, facilitators will conduct a mock pay panel so participants can witness the effect of a strong self-assessment on the pay pool process. This course is worth three continuous learning points.

Dr. Camron Gorguinpour, director, Transformational Innovation, to the assistant secretary of the Air Force for acquisitions, will provide participants enrolled in Acquisition Innovation with cutting-edge tools for Air Force acquisitions. He will also discuss how Other Transaction Authorities allow program managers to tap into non-traditional companies, as well as employ rapid contracting methods. This course is worth one-and-a-half continuous learning points.

Agile Combat Support is a distinctive capability in the Air Force that is highly mobile, technologically responsive, flexible, and fully integrated with combat operations. In this course, facilitators will share operational and tactical acquisition strategies, policies, processes, technologies, and doctrine. Worth two continuous learning points, this session will provide a forum for discussion of the critical aspects relative to the acquisition and sustainment workforce.

In Human Systems Integration Introduction and Update, participants will find out what Human Systems integration is, as well the responsibilities, available tools, and recent developments associated with it. Intended for program managers and logisticians, this course is worth two continuous learning points.

Designed for Air Force personnel across all disciplines, Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps provides supervisors with resources for leading in a complex world. In this course, instructors will provide a roadmap to getting past the five “mindtraps” that stand in the way of success. The course is worth one-and-a-half continuous learning points.

For a list of all the courses and step-by-step instructions on how to register, visit the Focus Week course catalog by clicking here.

Registration for all courses is available on the Acquisition Now Continuous Learning website.  

The current classes are hosted on platforms such as teleconferences, Defense Collaboration Services, and Microsoft Teams.

Some courses are new to the virtual learning environment, so it is important to be mindful about what platform is being used, Sibrel said.