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Hill AFB Airman competes in esports invitational

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Seth Haddix, 2D Audiovisual Squadron

Staff Sgt. Tristan Biese with the 2nd Audiovisual Squadron participated in the Department of the Air Force Esports Invitational 2023 in San Antonio, May 27-28.

Biese, a video production specialist at Hill Air Force Base was one of 12 gamers representing the DAF and one of six on his team in the professional tournament featuring the video game, Overwatch 2.

During the competition, service members from across different branches of the Department of Defense showcased their skills and passion for gaming as military members.

“This tournament didn’t just allow me to show what we’ve got, but to represent the Air Force,” Biese said. “We were excited.”

Biese said he channels the passion he had for gaming as a kid into total focus when he plays.

When I pick up a controller, I get into my zone. I don’t think about anything else, just the game. I am addicted to winning.
Staff Sgt. Tristan Biese, 2nd Audiovisual Squadron Training Noncommissioned Officer In Charge

Biese joined the Air Force at the age of 18. He has since become a skilled photographer and videographer for the 2d AVS, which specializes in storytelling through productions and live broadcasts by sharing stories of global DAF and DoD missions. Although he has been serving the country for multiple years, it hasn’t stopped him from continuing his passion of competitive gaming.

“Gaming is a common shared interest between people, including service members,” Biese said. “I found people in my service branch who not only shared my interest in video games, but also my competitiveness.”

Surprised to see a banner on the Air Force website promoting the tournament, Biese decided to apply for the esports team. After being accepted, he put in weeks of practice.

“We went down to San Antonio with one goal in mind; to win,” Biese said. “We wanted to take this opportunity to compete as a team on the big stage.”

Since its creation, the Air Force Gaming League has aimed to provide opportunities for Airmen and service members such as Biese.

“The purpose of this invitational is to foster camaraderie and friendly competition between service branches while also promoting resiliency and social connection,” said Steve Sarandos, DAF esports chief. “It is a great event to build esprit de corps.”

Biese and his team placed second out of five participating teams, losing to the Army in the final competition. Although not the result that he hoped for, he demonstrated his skill set and true love for gaming that date back to his early days in Appleton.

“I am just happy to be able to participate in something like this,” Biese said. "This tournament has been a great opportunity to bring people from all over the world together to compete and share a love of video games. I might not become a professional video game player, but at least I got to compete with the best of the best in the U.S. military.”

DAF Gaming, founded in 2019, digitally connects Airmen and Guardians through their shared love of gaming. Managed by the Air Force Services Center, DAF Gaming is focused on supporting Air Force resiliency and retention through a global esports effort that delivers community experiences and competitive leagues.