The Power of Airmen

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The effectiveness of Air Force airpower comes directly from the power of Airmen. While it is natural to define the Air Force in terms of its aircraft, missiles, or satellites, in reality, the Service’s unmatched capabilities exist only and precisely because of the imagination, innovation, and dedication of its people. Since the airplane was employed over the battlefields of World War I, Airmen have stood for and pioneered new and innovative ways to shape the fight and reinvent the battle itself. Whereas pre-Kitty Hawk warriors relied on breaking through fortified lines on the ground, Airmen have always sought to go over, not through, those fortifications to defeat our enemies and achieve the Nation’s objectives.


This spirit of innovation, of seeing problems from an alternative perspective, is in our culture, in our heritage, and in every Airman—Active, Guard, Reserve and Civilian—regardless of his or her specialty or role. Airmen characteristically view security challenges differently—globally, without boundaries. We focus on deterring war and, when called upon, leading the force to victory by providing integrated airpower operations that achieve desired results with less risk to people and equipment.

The Air Force’s competitive advantage begins with its ability to recruit, develop, and retain innovative warriors with strong character, a belief in respect for others, and a commitment to high standards and our core values of Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence In All We Do. Even though the Air Force has become significantly smaller since 1947, our Nation has maintained an asymmetric airpower advantage because Airmen continue to lead the way in integrating military capabilities across air, space, and cyberspace. In the face of an unknown and unpredictable future, the American military’s ability to conduct successful joint operations is enhanced by the power of Airmen.




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