April 28 – Pulse on AF force management

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This week’s Pulse features updates on the latest voluntary and involuntary matrices, officer reduction in force boards, and voluntary separation pay and temporary early retirement authority information in a continued effort to bring Airmen the latest, most accurate information concerning the complex and dynamic force management programs.

Officer RIF matrices posted this week

The LAF and health professions reduction in force matrices will be posted to myPers this week. These matrices will give Airmen a better understanding of who will be eligible for the October board and their individual vulnerability by Air Force specialty codes and year group. These matrices can also be accessed through the force management graphic on the Air Force Portal and on the AF.mil site.

Chief master sergeants notified of eligibility

All chief master sergeants and their senior raters have been notified of eligibility to meet the chief’s retention board that will convene in June.

TERA window remains open through May 13

The additional fiscal year 2014 force management temporary early retirement authority application window remains open through May 13. This window is for our deployed Airmen and those on short tours to apply for TERA along with officers who require an active duty service commitment waiver not previously authorized (active-duty service commitments associated with rated, health professions and education) during the original application window that ended March 26.

Officer and enlisted voluntary separation pay

The Air Force Personnel Center has received more than 1,500 officer and 6,900 enlisted applications. Even though the VSP window does not close until May 1, more than 380 officer and approximately 2,400 enlisted VSP applications have been approved as of Apr. 25. AFPC will continue to process applications in all eligible AFSCs, enlisted grades and officer year groups.

Lt Col Biomedical Sciences Corps ESERB cancelled

Based on the number of voluntary retirements received, there is no longer a need to conduct a Lt Col. Biomedical Sciences Corps enhanced selective early retirement board.

Civilian Force Management - voluntary early retirement authority/voluntary separation incentive Pay

AFPC recently concluded the survey period Round 2 of VERA/VSIP. Civilian employees should be notified of their status by their local civilian personnel section if they are approved for voluntary early retirement or separation. AFPC is compiling the numbers and will provide a total number of employees surveyed and approved for voluntary separation/retirement by early May. The VERA/VSIP effective date for separations and retirements will be 31 May 2014.


Updates to information on force management and other personnel programs will continue to be available on myPers. Airmen can use the new force management graphic on the Air Force Portal which will take them to updated matrices and force management program details.

(Information courtesy of Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs)