May 5 – Pulse on AF force management

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This week’s force management update focuses on the latest voluntary and involuntary matrices, officer reduction in force boards, and voluntary separation pay information, in a continued effort to bring Airmen the latest, most accurate information concerning the complex and dynamic force management programs.

Additional temporary early retirement authority window

The additional TERA window continues through May 13. This additional window allows our deployed Airmen and those on short tours an opportunity to apply for TERA along with officers who require an active-duty service commitment waiver not previously authorized (active-duty service commitments associated with rated, health professions and education).

Officer reduction in force board

The officer RIF board is scheduled to convene at the Air Force Personnel Center on Oct 1. RIF matrices were posted to myPers May 5, giving Airmen a better understanding of who will be eligible for the October board and their individual vulnerability by Air Force specialty code and year group. An additional VSP and TERA window for officers in RIF-eligible AFSCs and year groups only will open May 22–June 30.

Enlisted date of separation rollback phase II

The enlisted DOS rollback program accelerates the DOS of enlisted Airmen who declined to acquire retainability for an assignment, training, retraining or professional military education. The mandatory retirement date for Airmen impacted by this program will be Sept. 1 or Sept. 29, for those separating. AFPC released rosters of impacted Airmen to force support squadrons last week.

Quality force review board

The quality force review board will convene May 5 -23 with results released to senior raters by the end of June. Airmen not selected for retention by the QFRB will separate on Sept. 29 or retire, if eligible, on Oct. 1.

Officer and enlisted voluntary separation pay

The AFPC received more than 1,600 officer and 7,000 enlisted applications, of which more than 3,000 were ineligible for the program. The VSP window closed May 1 with more than 380 officer and approximately 2,400 enlisted VSP applications approved so far. The AFPC will continue to process the remaining applications in all eligible AFSCs, enlisted grades and officer year groups.

Civilian force management - voluntary early retirement authority/voluntary separation incentive pay

The AFPC recently concluded the survey period round 2 of VERA/VSIP. Civilian personnel sections will notify employees if they are approved for voluntary early retirement or separation. The AFPC is compiling the numbers and will provide a total number of employees surveyed and approved for voluntary separation/retirement by early May. AFPC officials expect to open a future VERA/VSIP (Round III) survey period as well.


Updates to information on force management and other personnel programs will continue to be available on myPers. Airmen can use the new force management graphic on the Air Force Portal, which will take them to updated matrices and force management program details.

(Information courtesy of Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs)