Summer safety begins with risk management

  • Published
  • By Air Force Safety Center Public Affairs
Increased travel and leisure activities go hand in hand with the summer months, and require increased emphasis on risk management, said Bill Parsons, the Air Force chief of ground safety

While Airmen and their families make the most of recreational opportunities during the summer, the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends is the most important time to incorporate risk management in off-duty leisure activities. This is accomplished by using the same safety processes as those used on duty, Parsons said.

"Unfortunately, that same period ended last year with 17 fatalities," Parsons said. "We need every Airman to commit to making that number zero this year, and we do that by using the same risk management skills we apply on the job to ensure everyone returns safely at summer's end and ready to accomplish the mission. Summer safety is the extension of our ‘Quest for Zero’ mishaps."

Whether traveling, participating in water activities, sporting events or cookouts, Airmen should identify, assess and mitigate all risks to include: trip planning that ensures enough rest and preparation for contingencies, no alcohol while driving or participating in recreational activities, and use of appropriate protective gear in all activities.

"Most mishaps are preventable," Parsons said, "and mishap prevention requires doing the right thing. Sometimes the right thing is as simple as stepping up and stepping in when we see something that doesn't look right. That alone can avert a potential disaster."