Cody reaches out to USAFE-AFAFRICA Airmen

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Jessica Hines
  • USAFE-AFAFRICA Public Affairs
Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James A. Cody wrapped up his second visit to U.S. Air Forces in Europe-U.S. Air Forces Africa this year, tackling Airmen's questions surrounding changes to the new enlisted evaluation system, promotions, formal training and retirements.

"There's a lot going on in our Air Force, and rightly so. Our Airmen have a lot of questions,” Cody said during an interview here, June 23.

"My credibility in this position goes to what I know about our Airmen," Cody said. "I am not able to accurately reflect their views or how things are going with them unless I spend time with them."

In his ongoing efforts to engage with Airmen stationed across the globe, the Air Force’s top enlisted leader is making strides to offer personal answers to Airmen's questions and concerns.

"What we try to communicate when we're out visiting our Airmen, is our level of appreciation and gratitude for what they are doing every day," he said.

With many questions focusing on current changes in the Air Force, Cody stressed the need for agility across the entire scope of operations in the years to come.

"There has to be a level of agility that is probably unprecedented in the history of the military, if we're going to be successful against any adversaries," he noted also referencing the Air Force's 30-year Strategic Master Plan and the need to develop an agile force to meet future operations and capabilities.

Acknowledging the large scope of the Air Force's presence in Europe, Cody recognized the unique role Airmen play in representing the U.S. overseas.

"I think every time you go out and spend time with Airmen you learn a lot, and there is a lot going on in the USAFE-AFAFRICA theater,” the chief said. “We certainly have Airmen here providing airpower to our combatant commanders, but we also have a significant presence with Airmen here supporting the NATO alliance and our partners, whether it is through training or deployments."

The chief commended and praised all the hard work of Airmen across USAFE-AFAFRICA and encouraged them to continue to share their thoughts and concerns with leadership on ways to strengthen the force even more.

"I would describe the Airmen in USAFE-AFAFRICA just like I would anywhere else: They are the most dedicated, professional Airmen in the world,” he said. “They represent America with pride and they do their job exceptionally well, despite all the challenges it thrusts in front of them. They accomplish the mission. I get to enjoy the fact that I get to represent them; it's a great sense of pride for me just to see how they do their job."