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  • Preparation key to hurricane survival

    Last year the United States was traumatized during what many thought to be a routine natural disaster. Hurricane Katrina hit the shores of the Gulf Coast, from Louisiana to Alabama. Most people who live or grew up in that region are used to the hurricane season and didn't expect 2005 to be any different than before. They were in for a surprise.
  • Barrier art creates bold statement for medical group

    Barrier art. It's everywhere at Balad Air Base. It's an outward expression of unit pride and esprit de corps, and it may just be the 21st century equivalent of World War II aircraft nose art. Nearly every unit on base has some form of barrier art, but it wasn't until recently that the 332nd Expeditionary Medical Group had an artistic expression of
  • 10-year-old girl spends day as KC-10 pilot

    It was a foggy day in San Francisco when a 10-year-old girl flew a KC-10 Extender under the Golden Gate Bridge.Katie Powell, daughter of Senior Master Sgt. Chris Powell of the 60th Operations Group, was named Pilot for a Day May 19 and given an inside look at the daily life of pilots at Travis.Master Sgt. Kenneth Rossa, 60th OG C-17 loadmaster
  • Precision engagement team hits the mark

    Cloaked in secrecy and veiled in silence, they wait patiently for a sign. Working as a team, the spotter silently communicates with his partner. As the sharpshooter looks through the scope, the world shrinks to one small target.It doesn’t matter the object is a half-mile away because he is confident he can put the bullet where it needs to go. The
  • Running strong: Airman celebrates 50th birthday with 50-mile run

    Most people eat cake and ice cream on their birthday, have a nice quiet family dinner, go out to the club, or have a birthday party at their house. Master Sgt. Paul Roeske, 39th Communications Squadron base communication security manager, on the other hand, decided to run 50 miles around the track for his 50th birthday. “I used to run marathons and
  • Phoenix Raven Airmen are a special breed

    Students in the Air Mobility Warfare Center’s Phoenix Raven program here face many challenges in their quest to attain a coveted security forces Raven patch. The course, taught by the 421st Combat Training Squadron, originated in the late 1990s after a need was seen to better protect military aircraft in an expeditionary environment. The definition
  • Logistics planner enjoys living in past

    With many people using the latest and greatest gadgets today it seems odd that someone would willingly drink water from a rusted canteen from the Civil War. “Canteens were all made out of tin,” said. Lt. Col. William Jordan, U.S. Strategic Command plans, mobility and engineering division chief. “It's nothing to pour water out and it's orange from
  • Surviving Vietnam War steered doctor to save lives

    He was only 6 years old when he saw a dead Soldier lying in the street holding a rifle up in the air. He couldn't tell whether the man was American or Vietnamese because the body was burned. "During the Tet Offensive of 1968, our house was damaged from explosives," said Lt. Col. (Dr.) Paul Doan of the 379th Expeditionary Medical Group. "We had to
  • Air Force officer teaches at Korean Air University

    "They have too much freedom," was Andrew "A.J." Bossard's first thought about the United States. That was 35 years ago when, as a 14-year-old, he was adopted by an American couple in Pennsylvania. Today, Lt. Col. Bossard has spent 17 years in uniform, defending the freedoms he once thought were excessive. He also is serving in the country from
  • Retreat comes right on time for Seymour Johnson couple

    Nina Taylor tears up each time she thinks of her husband leaving. And then the uncontrollable sobs come. But she can’t help it. Because after three years of marriage, she still isn’t used to the idea of him just packing up and deploying to some desert base for four to six months -- and leaving her alone. He’s already done that twice. It’s not that


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