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  • Reservist, his family find sweet success raisin' cane

    As the sun rises deep in the heart of Cajun country, the sound of farm equipment roars across a muddy sugar cane field. Hard rain from the night before made the field a sloppy mess, making it extremely difficult to walk, much less harvest the crop. But there’s work to do, and it’s time to get busy. Over their truck and tractor radios, workers
  • TACPs: Supporting troops anytime, anywhere

    Under the cover of night, he maneuvers through the brush, getting just close enough to spot his target. He takes his measurements … triple checks them … and calls in the strike. If his measurements are correct, the troops who called in for help should have the relief they need in the form of a close air strike on the enemy. Their missions sometimes
  • The Last Raider

    Behind them, a pall of oily smoke rose above Nagoya (Japan). It wasn’t until he learned the aircraft carrier Hornet was bound for Tokyo that Lt. James H. “Herb” Macia grasped the significance of the mission his and 15 other B-25 crews had been training for. But suddenly, every man aboard the ship that day in April 1942 realized he was part of a
  • Life among the stars

    When she was an average kid growing up in Elmira, N.Y., Eileen Collins enjoyed simple pastimes. She and her family would drive to the local airport and sit on top of their car, sip root beer, and watch the planes take off and land.That average kid grew up to have an extraordinary career as an astronaut, flying higher than those planes of her
  • WASP shares her World War II experiences

    She helped set the standard for future female Airmen, contributed to the Air Force becoming a separate service, and she and her friends put themselves in harm's way far from home to serve the Army in an experimental flying program at their own expense, all in the name of patriotism. “At that time, everyone was doing something and I felt obligated
  • Airman recalls fatal crash that cost him two friends

    Black sneakers. Boston baseball cap. Black shirt. Boots. “It’s so clear, I can still remember what they were wearing,” recalls Airman 1st Class Skyler Burts, of his friends and fellow firemen who perished in a single-vehicle automobile accident in August 2005. The memories, much like the scar tissue etched across Airman Burts’s forehead, are
  • Airman named "Best Legs in a Kilt"

    Senior Master Sgt. Todd Flickinger, 746th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron, recently defended his stateside title of “Best Legs in a Kilt” right here in the desert. For the past two years, an annual contest held in Bethlehem, Pa., as part of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, resulted in Sergeant Flickinger being named the winner. When it came time for
  • Airmen toss sabers to honor comrades

    Senior Airman Dallas Smith looks at ease twirling his shiny saber in the air and doing precision movements and passes with his Eifel Sabre Drill Team.But he was once content to just sit in the background -- one of the people who “just doesn’t want to participate” in anything, he said. And he admits joining the honor guard “for a nice bullet” in his
  • B-52 pilot shares her Air Force experience, contributions

    She follows Air Force history -- through her family’s footsteps. Her dad and his siblings grew up in an Air Force family, having nothing but great things to say about the Air Force way of life. Maj. Andrea Jensen, a forward deployed B-52 pilot with the 40th Air Expeditionary Group, has had a love of planes since she can remember. On her first
  • World War II veteran recalls her service to country

    Their service to the nation during World War II is represented by images like “Rosie the Riveter.” However, American women did much more than fill in for the millions of men in the armed services. More than 350,000 women were volunteers who served in uniform. Viola Smith, a recreational director from Grant, Fla., was one of those volunteers. At age


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