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  • Performance program strengthens battlefield Airmen

    "Humans are more important than hardware" is a saying heard continuously throughout the special operations community. One special tactics squadron has a facility that turns these words into action.The 320th Special Tactics Squadron's Human Performance Training Center here offers battlefield Airmen an opportunity to ensure they remain mission-ready.
  • Military training instructors shape next generation of officers

    Dating back to September 1947, Air Force military training instructors have represented one of the most visible special-duty career fields in the service. From the original group of "flight marchers" to today's MTIs, the need to train new Airmen has remained constant. Today, 500 Airmen in the grades of staff sergeant through master sergeant work
  • 'Compass Call'ing: Are you listening?

    Even high in the air, they have their ears close to the ground.Linguists from the 41st Expeditionary Electronic Combat Squadron, are trained in the art of employing electronic attack for the purpose of denying, degrading and disrupting enemy communications from aboard the EC-130 Compass Call."We're a precision electronic attack platform," said
  • Airman returns to flying status after having part of leg amputated

    When Senior Airman Justus Bosquez walks down a narrow hallway in his airman battle uniform, he looks no different than his peers. Like many of them, he can do salsa, merengue and two-step dances. He can run a marathon wearing a 30-pound rucksack and he can perform his flying duties on an E-3 Sentry. The difference is he doesn't take those tasks for
  • Air Force Reserve colonel hits high notes in traveling quartet

    By the time Air Force Reserve Col. Michelle Barrett attended her first barbershop singing performance, she didn't even realize women had long since made their mark in the genre.Four years ago, the Reserve Advisor to the deputy assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Reserve Affairs attended a performance by the Alexandria Harmonizers, a
  • After The Battle: The flying ICU

    Three critically injured patients need immediate transfer to a medical facility outside of Afghanistan. One has a shot to the head, the other has missing limbs and the last has an open abdominal wound. Without a mobile intensive care unit, these patients will not make the flight out.For members of the 455th Expeditionary Aeromedical Evacuation
  • Air Guard spouse sets bar as national powerlifter

    Knees tightly bandaged and a thick weightlifting belt bracing her waist, she lowers herself into a tense squat.The weight on her shoulder equals almost three times her own body weight, but she is not giving up.Holding her breath and tightening every muscle, she struggles against gravity to put the weight back on the rack.At age 50, the spouse of
  • Combat Ops Space Cell: Defending critical satellite links

    More than 22,000 miles away, spinning silently through the vacuum of space, is one of the most critical components to air, space and cyberspace superiority today; a satellite.The mission to defend and protect the operability of that satellite rests a little closer to home, at the U.S. Air Forces Central Command Combined Air and Space Operations
  • LGBT leader supports cadets in overcoming adversity

    For one U.S. Air Force Academy graduate and leader within the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, the Air Force core values were a source of sustainment while she balanced her Air Force career with her sexual orientation prior to "don't ask, don't tell.""Be true to yourself and be true with yourself to others," said Tricia Heller, a
  • Afghan medics train at Bagram

    Even in the midst of conflict, it is important to keep an eye toward the future.To that end, the staff members at Craig Joint Theater Hospital here have trained more than 40 Afghan doctors and nurses as part of the Afghan Trauma Mentorship Program."The goal is to train Afghan health care providers to be able to operate using the latest technology


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